Impact Investing Forum North 2018

Hilton Midtown, New York, NY
September 12, 2018 - September 13, 2018

54 days left

Opal Group is happy to announce its Inaugural Impact Investment Forum North. Slated to take place in the heart of one of the largest centers for impact investing, New York City, this will mark the 2nd event in Opal Group’s Impact Investment Series. Impact investing is an approach that seeks to create positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This mission-driven and communication-based strategy continues to attract a value-based workforce, strong investor base, and like-minded consumers for companies worldwide. Impact investing strategies are also proving to generate returns in line to their traditional counterparts.

Over the next four decades, it is estimated that over $41+ trillion will transfer from baby boomers to Millennials and Generation Z. As we move to the next generation of investors, we are going to find companies aligning their beliefs, operation, and communication strategies with that of the Millennials. The Impact Investing Forum will look at many of the asset classes that encompass this space. We invite you to join us and meet top influencers, experienced investors both public and private, money managers, and service providers that are leading the charge in this ever growing space. Themes of defining impact investing, portfolio construction, asset class opportunities, and the role of the investor are just a few of the stimulating topics to be covered at this event.

This conference will exclusively feature dialogue driven panel discussions led by consultants, family offices, endowments, foundations and pension systems both public and private. Power Point presentations are prohibited during the sessions but may be made available on our mobile app. Please send in PDF or PowerPoint format if you would like to have presentation included on App. *Only Standalone Speakers will be allowed to use PowerPoints, but cannot pitch products or advertise anything with their firms.*

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Exhibit Hall / Registration Opens

Networking Breakfast


Opening Remarks

Tami Kesselman, Chief Strategist, Aligned Investing Global


Impact Investing – Why Now? – Making Sense of the Many Kinds of Impact Investing

  • The Need for Strong Fund Managers: Addressing this constraint in the market
  • Will There Be New Support for Potential Investees
  • Should we measure impact?” to “how do we measure impact?
  • Unlocking new sources of capital and creating more inclusive markets in a changing global economy.
  • Core characteristics of impact investing
  • Who is making impact investments?
  • How big is the impact investing market?
  • What is the current state of the impact investing market?
  • Trends Advisors Need to Know
  • Is there really a global impact investing agenda that can work for everyone?
  • What are the top issue areas we’re seeing impact investing making huge strides both in terms of financial and social returns?
  • For an investor new to impact, what advice would you give in terms of asset class, diversification, values alignment, and entry point?
  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: What they mean?

Tami Kesselman, Chief Strategist, Aligned Investing Global


Learning from Impact Investors: Stories from the Trenches of Private Wealth, Institutional and Entrepreneurial Impact Investors

  • Aligning Business and Values
  • Building the Case for Impact in your portfolio
  • Does Impact Investing Make Sense for High-Net-Worth Portfolios?
  • Does the “returns trade-off” perception still exist?
  • How do impact investments perform financially and how do you generate a competitive return?
  • Clients are stepping back and assessing how their philanthropy and portfolio align with their values. How do we address this?
  • Alternative to Traditional strategy plays.
  • Connecting Assets to Impact
  • How to get your portfolios to profitably reflect their values?

Richard Zimmerman, Advisor, WE Family Offices (MFO)


Kevin McGovern, Chairman and CEO, McGovern Capital LLC (SFO)


Mitzi Perdue, Chair, Education Committee, Perdue Farms (SFO)




Networking Break


Social Investing: Building Systems that Attract Investors

  • Critical Steps to an Effective Impact Investing Strategy
  • When do the big trends and solutions become additive and generate “impact alpha”?
  • Increased interest in community investing?
  • Investors want to see that their impact is making a real difference for working people. How do you achieve that?
  • What Will It Take to Get to Scale?
  • Dos and Don’ts for Social Entrepreneurs Seeking Impact Funding
  • Theme-Specific Impact Investments?
  • Hidden Risks and the Importance of Fund Level Due Diligence

David Shantz, Director, Advisor Relations, Calvert Impact Capital








Networking Luncheon


Keynote Presentation

Keynote Speaker

Ron Cordes, Co-Founder, Cordes Foundation


Generating Alpha and Positive Impact Through Private Equity and Venture Capital Vehicles

  • Underwriting the Sponsor: The “Who” is just as Important as the “What”
  • Where is the smart money heading with impact Investing on the mind?
  • Individual Projects or Diversified Fund Investments? What is best for your portfolio and your values?
  • Asset Management: How can Private Equity Funds extract better returns with better management without compromising the integrity of impact on society?
  • Deal Flow: How can you secure access to the best opportunities?
  • Why Co-Investment Deals are so important
  • Who will be the natural buyers
  • Family Offices are more involved in direct deals. Do they have different holding periods and return objectives than institutional Private Equity players?
  • The role of VC investments in an impact investment portfolio
  • What are the different levels and strategies of VC investing?
  • What does a healthy VC/LP relationship look like?

Peter Blaney, President, Induran Ventures


Steve Cowan, Co-Founder & Managing Director, 57 Stars


Breaking Down ESG Strategies

The term “ESG investing” is tossed around in the media and in boardrooms, but what exactly is it? This panel will discuss ESG strategies from several perspectives.

  • Is there real money being put to work?
  • What types of investors are investing with an ESG lens?
  • How does an investor implement an ESG strategy? Does one give up returns?
  • Are investment tradeoffs to be considered?
  • The practical considerations when implementing such a strategy across asset classes.
  • How Trump Presidency Is Boosting Demand for Impact Investing, ESG Funds

Networking Break


Generating Returns with Private Debt Investments with Mission Driven Companies

  • What is Private Debt?
  • What are the key investable areas of Private Debt
  • What unique impact strategies are available?
  • How should and investor choose a Private Debt manager?
  • How Do You Source Transactions
  • How Do Does One Avoid Potential Risks Associated with Private Deals
  • Is There Room for Co-Investing with Other Families or Institutions
  • What Are Examples of Typical Legal Structures
  • Investing in Frontier Markets (Equity vs Debt)

Leveraging BlockchainDistributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the Cryptocurrency Markets for Good & Profit


Investing in Sustainable and Impactful Technology Solutions

  • Disruption — Technical and Medical advancements how to find them
  • Attracting Investments from the Impact Investor Community – How to find and build this relationship
  • How much interaction do you expect from your investor — Describe some positive and negative experiences?
  • Connecting Family Office and Institutional investors to unprecedented access to early stage Technology and Medical investment opportunities – Pluses and Minuses for the investors
  • Returns—How does the Impact Investor best capitalize on these investments—Exit vs. IPO
  • How does the technology affect society and the environment for the better?

Julapa Jagtiani, Special Advisor, Supervision Regulation and Credit, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


Cocktail Reception


Networking Breakfast


Opening Remarks


Values Based Investing vs. Impact Investing

This panel delves deeper into the nuances of the terms ‘values-based investing’ and ‘impact investing’, which are often used interchangeably, though they have very different motivations behind them and, hence, different criteria to measure “success.”


What is important for mainstream investors to know? And how are these emerging trends beginning to affect traditional corporate valuations?  Why is it important, from a risk-mitigation perspective, for CIOs of traditional funds to understand these concepts when constructing portfolios?

  • Define ‘values-based investing’.  How is it different than ‘impact investing’? How is it similar? Is one a more active or passive filter than the other?  And where does each fit in with the ESG and SRI strategies discussed on Day 1?
  • Does alignment of values and desire for measurable impact in investment strategy correspond with or accommodate a broader context, such as the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals? If so, does this contextualization look different in values-based investing vs impact investing?
  • What are the challenges faced when migrating portfolios to completely align with one’s values? Is it possible to overcome conflicting needs in the current investment climate without giving up financial returns? Or should investors feel it necessary to embrace the concept of “concessionary returns” (in other words, a “trade off” between financial return and social impact)?
  • If you find that a ‘values-based investing’ screen and an ‘impact investing’ screen are at odds with each other, how do you decide which one prevails?
  • Can values-based investing be authentic without some kind of integration of impact measures that demonstrate values alignment, and can impact investing ever truly be divorced from a framework of values?

James Rosebush, Founder and CEO, The Wealth and Family Office Management Group


Donor Advised Funds & Foundations – Two proven philanthropy structures for impact.

  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?
  • Are there new kinds of DAFs of which funders should be aware?
  • Do the recent tax changes have an impact on either of these vehicles?
  • If a funder wishes to achieve the greatest “impact” with their funding, what are the ways in which each vehicle can be most effective?
  • If funders want to make sure that their money is invested for “impact”, does one vehicle provide an advantage?
  • Under what circumstances should a funder consider using both philanthropy vehicles?

Richard Marker, Co-Principal, Wise Philanthropy; Faculty Co-Director, University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy


Fixed Income: Navigating Opportunities for Responsible Investors

  • Why look beyond “traditional” Fixed Income investments?
  • What are the key investable areas of fixed income for impact investors)?
  • What unique strategies are available?
  • How should an investor choose a fixed income manager?
  • How do sophisticated investors incorporate SRI/ESG frameworks into their decision-making?
  • Must investors give up returns when making investments that have a positive impact?
  • Are lending strategies and positive impact mutually exclusive?
  • What are the challenges in finding good opportunities?

Networking Break


Program Related Investments (PRI) and Mission Related Investments (MRI)

  • Definitions:  what is an MRI?  What is a PRI?
  • Where do these stand in the eye of the IRS?
  • What are examples of successful uses of these vehicles?
  • Is there an optimal size or type of organization to use these vehicles most effectively?
  • As they have become more utilized, are there cautions that funders should know about?  Errors to avoid?
  • What kind of advisory services are best for assisting your foundation or funding organization make effective use of these vehicles?

Laurie Lane-Zucker, Founder & CEO, Impact Entrepreneur, LLC


Fossil Fuels, Climate Change and The Shift Towards Investing in the Environment

  • How Impact Investing Can Fund Environmental Protection
  • Looking at the UN Climate Change Initiatives and Their Role
  • Environmental impact bonds: Next big thing for green investments
  • More investors are asking “how can my investments align with my interest in positive environmental and social impact”?
  • Forces of economic progressive outweigh any regulatory or regime change. The renewable energy sector isn’t going to slow down.  What are the fundamental trends?
  • Investing in Infrastructure for climate resiliency
  • Invest vs Divest strategies

Blended Finance: A World of Opportunities with Investors at the top of the Capital Stack

  • Impact Investing: What Most Entrepreneurs and Executives Get Wrong
  • How to Unleash Capital Market Power for Positive Impact
  • Impact Investing and Global Finance: The Big Picture
  • The Role for Private Capital
  • The Role of International Finance Institutions

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Hilton Midtown
1335 6th Avenue, NY, New York, USA

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