Beyond 2020: CX Challenges Financial Institutions Will Continue to Face

Webinar @ 2pm EST
October 29, 2020

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Beyond 2020: CX Challenges Financial Institutions Will Continue to Face


2020 has been a year of unexpected business challenges with financial sector leaders tackling some of the toughest hurdles. Authentication and security, cost-effective omnichannel customer service, usability, timely and secure delivery of notifications are just a few issues made more complex this year.

We’ll look into some of these recent industry trends and answer the most common questions we hear at Hiya:

• How is the voice channel retaining prominence in the digital world?
• How has customer experience been impacted by unwanted robocalls?
• How will STIR/SHAKEN regulation affect businesses and how do you prepare?
• What steps can you take to allow legitimate spoofing while stopping or mitigating fraudulent spoofing?

Join Hiya as we examine these issues and discuss how institutions can deliver a quality secure customer experience, grow and retain their customer base, and reduce risk to the business in 2020 and beyond.

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2:00pm EST

Jon Aumann, Senior Sales Engineer, Hiya
Jon has successfully lived almost every role there is in the CX World, over the last 28 years, this includes everything from an agent, a supervisor, and running a multi-site contact center. Jon led worldwide sales engineering at NICE in Contact for 8 ½ years and then led solution consulting at Genesys in the Central US for almost 7 years before recently joining Hiya in July of 2020.

Stephen Shepherd, Client Executive, Strategic Relationships, Hiya
Stephen is responsible for building and managing strategic customer relationships at Hiya. An accomplished entrepreneur and sales leader, Stephen has extensive experience with information services, SaaS, and on-premise platform companies. Stephen is extremely well-versed in the financial services business, understanding the intricacies of both the business and regulatory hurdles facing companies in this industry.

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Beyond 2020: CX Challenges Financial Institutions Will Continue to Face
Thursday, October 29, 2020
2pm EST

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