Real Time Adaptation: Implementing Managed Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Webinar @ 1pm EST
October 6, 2020

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Real Time Adaptation: Implementing Managed Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Curve


Data and Analytics leaders from IT and Business organizations help their businesses use data to make better decisions, reduce time to market, and optimize investments. Whether you like it or not, we are dealing with an unprecedented increase in data and rapidly changing technology landscape creating a universal shortage of right skills. The current economic disruption and reduction in workforce has only made matters worse.

As a result, D&A leaders face challenges with controlling costs, supporting end users, and balancing today’s operational needs with preparing for the future. There are simply too many tasks in organizations to manage all of their D&A services. The question is how do you close the gap? Should you spend more time building D&A capabilities or more time consuming insights? How do you decide?

Join our next webinar Real Time Adaptation: Implementing Managed Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Curve on Tuesday, October 6, where we will cover:

• Managed services models for data and analytics
• How successful companies embrace innovative models
• How to move toward outcome-driven managed services
• Best practices and lessons learned from real-life examples

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InfoCepts is a Data & Analytics Services firm – recognized by Gartner amongst the Top 50 in the world – who enables its customers to optimize & accelerate the value of all its data assets. Unique amongst its peers, InfoCepts operates with the scale as a global consulting firm, yet the expertise of a niche partner.

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1:00pm EST

Subhash Kari, Executive Vice President of Global Practices, InfoCepts
Subhash Kari is the Executive Vice President of Global Practices at InfoCepts, Subhash oversees our Centers of Excellence around cloud, platforms, data, analytics, and adoption to strengthen the company’s competency areas by focusing on talent, alliances, and innovation to meet the future needs of our customers. He runs our practices organization bringing together experts from business, technology, and management to create offerings, enable marketing and sales, develop and retain customers, and enable delivery.

Manish Sengar, Chief Architect with Global Practices, InfoCepts
Manish Sengar is Chief Architect with Global Practices at InfoCepts. Manish works closely with strategic InfoCepts customers to define modernization roadmaps, architect complex data and analytics platforms and deliver critical transformation engagements collaborating with senior technical architects from practices and delivery. He is also driving force behind InfoCepts Solutions Accelerators team responsible for creating industry leading reusable solution accelerators. His areas of interest include Cloud computing, Information Architecture and Intelligent Automation.

Himanshu Jeetah, VP of Applications, Stein Mart
Himanshu Jeetah is the VP of Applications at Stein Mart and a self-proclaimed data geek since 1995. At Stein Mart he is focused on drawing value out of technology investments and created an environment where innovation has become part of their DNA, while being sensitive to the investment cycle. Prior to Steinmart he led data journeys for several other retailers including True Value Hardware and PetSmart.

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Real Time Adaptation: Implementing Managed Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Curve
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
1pm EST

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  • Accountants
  • Actuarial firms
  • Alternative Investments
  • Angel Investors
  • Attorneys
  • Blockchain
  • Broker Dealers
  • Cannabis
  • Consultants
  • Corporate Pension Plans – Trustee, Administrators, Commissioners, Staff
  • Direct Investors
  • Directors of Investments
  • Directors of Manager Selection
  • Emerging and Frontier Markets
  • Emerging Managers
  • Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Foundations
  • Fund of Funds
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Impact Investing
  • Industry Service Providers
  • Infrastructure Based Fund Managers
  • Insurance Companies
  • International Markets
  • Investment Banks
  • Investment Research
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Non-correlated Investments
  • Portfolio Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Private Debt/ Credit
  • Private Equity
  • Public Pension Plans/ Plan Sponsors – Trustee, Administrators, Commissioners, Staff
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Managers
  • Registered Investment Advisors
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Taft Hartley Reps – Trustee, Administrators, Commissioners, Staff
  • The real estate tax lien asset class.

  • Sourcing tax liens and performing pre-acquisition due diligence.

  • Best practices for servicing tax lien portfolios.

  • Exiting tax lien portfolios via foreclosure and workouts.

  • Opportunistic value add and other return-enhancing strategies.

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • Chief Data & Analytics Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Chief Data Architect
  • Chief Knowledge Officer
  • SVP/VP/Head of Data Management
  • SVP/VP/Head of Enterprise Data Management
  • SVP/VP/Head of Enterprise Data Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Enterprise Data
  • SVP/VP/Head of Data for Individual Departments (R&D, Marketing, Finance)
  • SVP/VP/Head of Data & Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Business Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Enterprise Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Business Insights & Analytics
  • SVP/VP/Head of Artificial Intelligence
  • SVP/VP/Head of Business Intelligence
  • SVP/VP/Head of Machine Learning
  • SVP/VP/Head of Analytics Center of Excellence

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