Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit 2020

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October 29, 2020

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Welcome to Opal Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit

Integrating Equity & Intersectionality into the Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue

The Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is a gathering of practitioners of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, Equality, Inclusion, Culture, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management, that will connect, benchmark, network, and focus on key recruitment, hiring, and onboarding initiatives, as well as . During these uncertain times, it’s important to create and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals, and the Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit fosters these relationships - all from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices.

Our Summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience that features unparalleled keynote speaking sessions with thought-leading case studies, highly-interactive panel discussions, and a virtual 3D experience that includes customized networking opportunities and real-time attendee insights.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Management executives.

Join us! Interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring? Contact Ashley Hagglund at (212) 532-9898 ext 243 or email info@opalgroup.net.

Current as of September 14, 2020

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Presentation


From Average to Award-Winning: How to Take Your Diversity Initiatives to the Top


Whether beginning or evolving your organization’s D&I initiatives, leaders are looking for guidance within an ever-changing environment that has been spotlighted in recent news. In this session, we’ll take an intimate look at a renowned diversity and inclusion organization and learn how they progressed from average to award-winning.


Join this enlightening session to understand the keys to their success, including:


  • Gaining wide-ranging support from the top down and increasing senior leadership engagement
  • Sustaining a culture built on diversity as a strength through continued education and training initiatives
  • Tactics to continually move the needle forward and maintain accountability

Keynote Presentation


Tips for Reinvigorating Your Tired Diversity Program


Too many organizations are continuing to operate dated diversity initiatives that no longer speak to employees or achieve their intended aims. In this session, we’ll talk about five steps toward relaunching and reinvigorating your diversity program and will invite a discussion to share participants’ fresh ideas.


  • Step 1: State the case for change to get buy-in from senior leadership
  • Step 2: Train your D&I committee on modern concepts of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; require them to put some time and work into updating their own knowledge
  • Step 3: Get employees engaged in the change process; ask for their help in designing the new program, and find out what truly matters to them
  • Step 4: Prepare your ERG/affinity group leaders for the change; train them how to handle uncomfortable topics
  • Step 5: Publicize your new program, highlighting employee involvement and “wins”
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Stacey Calvert, Vice President, Human Resources – Strategic Projects, GKN Aerospace


Panel Discussion


Race: How to Talk About Race in the Workplace


Recent atrocities have ignited the fight against racial inequality, creating an opportunity to openly acknowledge and work towards change. As organizations begin addressing long-standing issues, leaders are having difficulty finding ways to introduce necessary and oftentimes uncomfortable conversations, to their teams.


In this thought-provoking session, learn how industry-leading D&I executives are addressing the most pressing questions about race at work:


  • What does this conversation look like in a workplace dynamic?
  • What are the potential consequences of having this conversation?
  • How do we bring white, cisgender, heterosexual males into the conversation?
  • How do we set clear goals on what we hope to achieve?
  • How do we get the wide-ranging support of leadership and the board?

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Keynote Presentation


Building Diversity Into the Organizational Structure


It is one thing to have an organization that has diverse workers but what is more important is having a diverse workforce that truly feels included. Organizations can talk about diversity and try to make everyone feel included, but the real success is when those diverse workers actually feel included, their retention is high, and diversity is represented at all levels of the organization.


Join this session and hear the answers to the most common questions on this topic:


  • What does a diverse organization truly look like?
  • How do you do succession planning with diversity at the heart?
  • How do you get your board to be diverse and reflect that?
  • How do you recruit for diversity and make it compatible?

Keynote Presentation


A Tale of Ages: Examining Five Generations of Diversity in The Workplace


With the Generation Z beginning to enter the workplace, comes new talents and fresh perspectives to leverage. However, this also presents new and complex concerns. In this session, we will paint a picture of the differences between the 5 generations encompassing the workplace, as well as what changes need to be made to adapt and accommodate.


Join this session to hear best practices for:


  • Talent management and recruitment for each generation, with a special emphasis on Gen Z recruitment
  • Attracting diverse Gen Z workers and where to find them
  • Compensation and Benefits that meet everyone’s expectations and unique needs
  • Training intercultural communication skills to overcome collaboration barriers

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Panel Discussion


Professional vs. Personal: Redefining Workplace Norms


Providing employees with an environment where they feel they can freely express themselves is important to helping them excel. However, there are some lines that need to be drawn to ensure all employees feel comfortable at work. The last few months have been filled with history-making and changing events that have monumental implications for the way we work, interact, and the conversations we are having. Professional life has reached a nexus with personal life thus creating a need to rethink how the two interact.


In this highly interactive panel, we will examine how and which workplace practices are affected by the intersection of personal and professional, with an emphasis on the role of D&I to accommodate, such as:


  • Remote Workers: What are the challenges newly remote workers are facing when it comes to their home life? And how can managers be trained to accommodate?
  • Open Dialogue: How can employers make their diverse workforce feel comfortable enough to talk about their differences in a way that will foster progress?
  • Controversy: What is the right way to be talking about controversial topics in the workplace?

End of Day One

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Presentation


Strength in Numbers: Establishing Real Allyship in the Organization


With the national spotlight on issues of racism, responsibility, and white privilege, organizations are seeking to actively create more equitable environments and one method of particular importance is allyship. Many companies have struggled to go beyond optical and performative allyship and it is more important than ever to identify the best practices for successful allyship programs.


In this thought-provoking session, we will discuss what a strong allyship and mentorship program looks like and the steps to achieve it, including:


  • Increasing the number of allies in your organization
  • Understanding what it means to be a real ally
  • Training people how to be good allies
  • Preventing Optical and Performative allyship

Keynote Presentation


When the Going Gets Weird, the Weird Turn Pro: Cultivating and Capitalizing on Neurodiversity


Embracing different ways of thinking is difficult for many and for others it is non-negotiable. Those are the neurodiverse workforce. Neurodiversity can be defined in many ways and has extraordinary potential when given the right circumstances.


In this enlightening session, we will discuss all aspects of neurodiversity in the workplace, including:


  • Defining the different kinds of neurodiversity and the benefits they can provide to the organization
  • What successful integration of neurodiversity looks like in the workplace
  • Training techniques for managers and non-neurodiverse teams on productive collaboration and creating inclusive working environments
  • How to talk about neurodiversity in the workplace to spread understanding and remove stigmas
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere and conditions to set neurodiverse employees up for success

Panel Discussion


What Does Equity Look Like in the Workplace? 


As companies continue to make progress in Diversity and Inclusion, the next step, Equity, remains ambiguous to many. Understanding the cultural differences and respecting those differences is just the beginning. Everything leads us to the next phase: Equity. Leaders need to break down the walls of communication and get people talking about what’s on their minds.


Join this session to explore how leaders are making equity a key factor in their company by:


  • Taking a deeper look at leadership decisions that lead to inequity
  • Examining equity in talent development investments
  • Creating affinity groups to address equity succession planning
  • Operating with deeper levels of transparency around reporting and leadership representation

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Keynote Presentation


Measuring the Success of Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives 


Given the significant investment organizations make in D&I programs, it’s crucial to have an accurate measure of the financial return and impact on people. Companies that have measurement technology in place and are using it well are also conducting more comprehensive measures of ROI. In addition, the right analytics and modeling tools enable organizations to quantify the critical relationships between diversity and inclusion expenditures and the employee behaviors they are intended to promote.


In this enlightening session, we will discuss how organizations can improve the use of metrics in assessing D&I programs, including:


  • Best practices for setting benchmarks and goals as well as the discussion of quotas
  • Tracking diversity data and what that data looks like
  • Identifying problem areas that can be improved
  • Pinpointing practices that are not working to promote the D&I agenda
  • How to present this information to leaders to secure continued support

Keynote Presentation


The Full Package: Promoting Equity With Personalized Benefits


An equitable company understands that to help their employees succeed and to work toward fair outcomes, they must be given the resources to address their unique barriers. Under the new and changing conditions, companies need to make major overhauls to the way they care for their employees to ensure they are set up for success.


Join this informative session as we discuss resources that are critical to establishing a more Equitable workplace, such as:


  • Employee Resource Groups – what they look like when they are successful
  • Online Training Portals – providing access continued learning experiences
  • Coaching managers on how to readjust their expectations of productivity
  • Providing opportunities for growth and promotion to people of all backgrounds

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Closing Panel Discussion


Catalyst Questions: What Do We Do Next?


As the world is beginning to become more accepting and inclusive, new questions are being raised about next steps. Throughout this summit we have covered many of the ways companies are progressing their diversity, equity and inclusion agenda. Now we must ask ourselves, how do we go from fundamentals to fruition? Nobody knows the answers. We do not have the solutions now, but what are some of the questions we can start asking to further foster change? Join this open forum to talk about what we should, and could, do next.


In this highly interactive panel, we’ll explore the unknown:


  • What are the next steps?
  • What does an equitable future look like?
  • Is it really possible to change the way people think?
  • How can leaders set feasible goals?
  • What predictions can be made about the next wave of challenges?
  • What will success look like?

End of Virtual Summit

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  • Beyond Words: Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan For the Organization
  • The Future of Diversity & Inclusion is NOW: How to Roll-Out Future Plans in The Here & Now
  • Driving Change With Truth: Giving a Voice to Fear to Identify and Remove Barriers to Change
  • The Inflection Point: Examining History to Determine a New Path Forward
  • Capacity for Change: Identifying The Resources That Will Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professional vs. Personal: Redefining Workplace Norms
  • Strength in Numbers: Strategies for Encouraging New Voices to Rise Up in The Organization
  • Broadening Horizons: New Recruitment Strategies to Source the Next Generation of Diverse Workers
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