Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit 2020

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August 20, 2020 - August 21, 2020

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Welcome to Opal Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit

The Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is a gathering of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Management practitioners that will connect, benchmark, network and focus on key recruitment, hiring, and onboarding initiatives. During these uncertain times, it’s important to create and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals, and the Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit fosters these relationships - all from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices.

Our Summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience that features unparalleled keynote speaking sessions with thought-leading case studies, highly-interactive panel discussions, and a virtual 3D experience that includes customized networking opportunities and real-time attendee insights.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Management executives.

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Diane Circo, Vice President, US Talent Acquisition, Siemens

Lee Wills-Irvine, Head of Talent Acquisition & Culture, Sony Electronics

10:00am EST

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:


Revamping and Reprioritizing Your Talent Pipeline Strategy 


Opening Keynote Presentation


Modernizing Your Recruiting Strategies to Replenish the Pipeline and Retain Top Talent


While many companies were forced to temporarily shut down and put hiring on hold, it was business as usual for many organizations. Companies that had been recruiting for key positions will likely need to move forward with that hiring process, and a lot of them are having to come up with new ways to recruit and hire because of the sudden need to find new workers.While most areas of the United States were – or have been – practicing social distancing, bringing candidates into the workplace to meet with a hiring team is not an option. Regardless of where an organization is at in their hiring and recruiting cycle, it’s clear that new recruiting strategies are needed in the current landscape.


Join this informative session as we review some best practices for updating recruitment strategies, such as:


  • Adapting the overall recruiting process to be remote
  • Discovering ways to reach candidates on social channels to promote the company brand and connect with targeted talent
  • Remembering the telephone as a communication channel – making more phone calls to source candidates and nurture relationships
  • Building chatbots to facilitate initial screening during the application processes
  • Using video and text as a communication channel during the recruiting process
  • Utilizing data science and natural language processing to optimize job postings and identify key words or phrases that will attract candidates to your openings

Panel Discussion


Making the Shift to a Virtual Recruiting Strategy to Keep the Talent Pipeline Flowing


Virtual hiring and career fairs, fully-remote recruiting, and greater insights into candidate experiences are quickly becoming the new normal in a post-pandemic world. This quickly changed how most companies are attracting and retaining employees, which has made remote recruiting the new normal. Blue collar or white, it’s clear that the way companies recruit, hire and train has changed dramatically, and the ability to do all of this virtually also improves culture. However, if your company is somewhat new to virtual recruiting, the multitude of available products and tools can be daunting.


In this informative session, we’ll discuss the elements that are needed to create an effective virtual recruiting program, such as:


  • Developing new interviewing processes that includes easy-to-use video capabilities and video interview software
  • Creating a virtual onboarding process that delivers clear information, clear directives, and solidifies the impression of strong leadership
  • Hosting live video conferencing meetings and inviting prospective candidates to “meet” your hiring managers and take virtual office tours
  • Producing an engaging experience and training stakeholders on how to maintain engagement through virtual platforms

Keynote Presentation


Developing a Successful Virtual Internship Program


Due to the long-lasting implications of COVID-19, organizations around the world have been forced to rapidly change how they get work done – and this includes the creation and management of summer internships. While it is difficult to predict what the rest of 2020 and even 2021 will hold, it’s critical for companies to start making decisions right away in order to plan for successful onboarding, training, and impactful work. In an uncertain economic environment, students are concerned about internships being cancelled altogether, so taking action now to move an internship virtual goes a long way in establishing trust and confidence in the company’s future.


Join this engaging session as we discuss best practices for creating a successful summer internship in today’s climate, such as:


  • Making a decision on internship strategy and then clearly communicating that decision to students as soon as possible – even if the details of the remote internship aren’t finalized
  • Designing the virtual internship with the same support, mentorship, ongoing education and expectations as your in-person internships
  • Developing an appealing remote onboarding strategy that ensures the candidates feel integrated and supported right away
  • Setting clear expectations about what successful remote internships should look like, and developing an effective communication system to track progress

Keynote Presentation


Streamlining the Process to Upgrade YourExecutive Recruiting Program


Executive recruiting is both an art and a science, and the ultimate goal is to land the best talent, regardless of whether or not they are currently looking for an opportunity. From first contact to sealing the deal and onboarding, it’s very important to be sure that your strategy, systems and methods are timely and efficient. In addition, it’s helpful for the executive recruiting team to continually walk through the process as if they were the candidates, and ensure that they’re actively keeping candidates in the loop.


We will review the steps necessary to develop a successful executive recruiting program, such as:


  • Doing the homework needed to truly understand what your team already has and where their true need lies
  • Looking for and identifying intangible skills that will be directly imparted onto entire departments and have a much larger potential to shape how the company functions
  • Familiarizing your executive recruiting team with the talent demand of their respective industries, and becoming adept at identifying the executives that actually have the skills needed for the job
  • Developing a true understanding of compensation data in the candidate’s location, and becoming familiar with the different market conditions based on geography
  • Bringing quality in the relationship with the candidate through very high-touch, frequent contact to provide candidates with a great experience
  • Maintaining constant contact with the executive candidate throughout the onboarding process, and continuing with follow-up after they’ve entered the position

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Keynote Presentation


Building a Proactive Talent Pipeline to Meet High Market Demand and Leverage Top Talent


Due to 2020’s unforeseen events and unpredictable outcome for the remainder of the year, businesses of all sizes and industries are quickly discovering the importance of having a well-crafted talent pipeline. No matter what your company’s hiring status is today, it’s critical for the organization to continue engaging and nurturing top candidates. Having top talent queued up and ensuring your company is top-of-mind for candidates will make for a much smoother hiring process.


In this informative session we will discuss best practices for developing a proactive talent pipeline, such as:


  • Strategically filling the pipeline with a vast candidate pool in order to stay ahead of the competition, save time in sourcing, and give your recruiting team valuable time to develop a strategic approach to attracting and hiring key candidates
  • Getting to know your prospective candidates early on to gain more in-depth insight, accurately assess them, and determine which positions best suit them
  • Filtering out poor cultural fits in order to target only the most talented and fitting candidates for your organization
  • Engaging in real-time conversations with candidates in order to determine their unique needs, market open roles to them, and personalize offers that match them specifically

End of Day One

10:00am EST

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:


Coping with Crisis – Overhauling Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with New Tools and Tactics


Keynote Presentation


The New Normal – Adapting Your Talent Acquisition to Cope with Sudden Change


Talent acquisition has entered a period of seismic change, making it exponentially more difficult for organizations to identify and recruit the right talent.As the recruiting landscape becomes increasingly competitive, companies that wish to succeed have to make talent acquisition a top priority.Many companies will experience a scenario in which they have an immediate need for critical skills or specific experience, and it’s critical to avoid reactive recruiting efforts, as this will certainly prevent your organization from filling requisitions with enough qualified talent.


Join us in this enlightening session as we discuss ways to modernize your talent acquisition efforts, such as:


  • Optimizing your recruiting and hiring through data analytics to uncover actionable insights and allow your organization to be at the forefront of talent acquisition
  • Upgrading your recruiting efforts with a modernized applicant tracking system in order to attract the talent that your company needs to remain competitive
  • Reducing time-to-hire with candidate relationship management systems that allows your recruiters to develop and nurture qualified prospects before jobs are even posted
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence in the hiring process to sort through applications quickly and effectively, and improve decision-making and candidate engagement
  • Implementing emerging recruiting technologies to personalize candidate engagement, improve employer branding, and optimize processes

Keynote Presentation


The Future of Talent Acquisition – Utilizing Recruitment Tech to Improve How Your Organization Finds, Engages, Manages and Evaluates Candidates


Advanced recruitment tools and technology have become an indispensable part of hiring, and the future of talent acquisition. Not too long ago, hiring was just about credentials, and future employees were judged solely on their work experience, certificates and other tangible ways to highlight accomplishments.However, for your organization to stand out today, it’s important to have the ability to examine a prospect’s personality, charisma, potential and ability to learn. Without the proper tools to do this effectively, your organization will miss out on the ideal candidates that you’re specifically looking for.


In this session we’ll collectively discuss the kinds of technology that has re-shaped talent acquisition, such as:


  • Social media – simplifies job advertising and allows organizations to reach the right people, at the right place and time
  • Blockchain – allows the talent acquisition and HR team to store candidate information, training programs and candidate assessment records safely and securely
  • Mobile apps – Significantly reduces delivery issues that can occur with email and other forms of immediate communication, and potential employees can route all their data to one channel – where data scientists and HR professionals can analyze it
  • Cloud –less expensive and more secure option than purchasing, safekeeping and running multiple hard drives for talent and HR information
  • Big data – allows for a bigger influx of data to give talent specialists a clearer picture of candidates, and future success of employees can be more easily monitored with big data and talent acquisition analytics

Panel Discussion


Creating an Improved and Authentic Candidate Experience to Attract and Retain Top Talent


The competition for talent will continue to be fierce in the coming months, as organizations look to be the employer of choice for the massive amount of job seekers going forward. In addition, it’s critical to offer a candidate experience that is authentic to your brand. Authenticity will not only enable you to attract and retain top talent, but your existing employees will become ambassadors for your organization, and in turn, do some of the recruiting for you. A positive candidate experience has the power to make applicants feel respected, boost employer brand perceptions, demonstrate company values, and promote employee retention. However, a very small percentage of candidates rate their candidate experiences as great, which highlights a significant opportunity for employers.


Join this interactive panel as we talk about the ways to set clear expectations for an improved and authentic candidate experience, such as:


  • Establishing a clear hiring timeline to ensure transparency and let candidates know that you respect and value their time
  • Ensuring that you have an inclusive hiring process by using inclusive, gender-neutral language in job descriptions; letting candidates know –upfront – what specific qualities and skills you’re seeking; including EEO disclosure statements in your job descriptions and applications; and, explaining that your organization will consider various combinations of education and experience
  • Maintaining open lines of communication by scheduling outreach at specific intervals throughout the candidate lifecycle – in order to maintain integrity and show respect for your candidates
  • Putting your company values into action and establishing realistic culture expectations to attract the right people and minimize culture-shock
  • Taking feedback from the candidates seriously and approaching negative reviews head-on during candidate conversations – as a way to minimize negative posts on job review sites

Keynote Presentation


Talent Acquisition for a Remote Workforce – Ushering in a New Outlook for Recruiting and Hiring


Remote work was on the rise even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year, and most employees that utilized this arrangement had some type of an in-person relationship with their employer before they started working remotely from home. In addition, it’s still somewhat rare for companies to hire employees to work remotely from day one of the working relationship. However, based on the current situation and lingering effects of social distancing – even in the workplace – remote work is likely here to stay. As such, it’s critical for organizations to adapt with a remote workforce, and it’s up to talent acquisition practitioners to have an action plan for recruiting the talent best suited for this type of arrangement.


In this session we will review some key strategies for remote recruiting and retention, such as:


  • Making it readily known that your organization offers remote opportunities, and Developing content that provides insight into your remote and flexible work arrangements, and making that a part of your overall employer branding and recruitment marketing strategy
  • Working with your talent acquisition team to come up with the required skills, qualities, and experience that will make the remote worker successful in the role
  • Adopting the right hiring strategies, with video interviews and an extended focus on how quickly candidates respond to outreach
  • Engaging candidates and meeting them where they are – developing a better understanding of where target candidates are most likely to take part in conversation
  • Determining what work lends itself to a remote model by analyzing responsibilities, tasks and the roles that can fulfill them
  • Preparing employees for remote work demands by setting accurate expectations and enabling supportive interactions



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Closing Panel Discussion


Talent Acquisition in the Future: Where Do We Go from Here?


Recruiting and hiring strategies have changed dramatically over the last several months – what seemed like solid guidance and effective strategy just a few months ago now feels like ancient history.  HR leaders have had to quickly pivot from recruiting amid the lowest unemployment on record to managing a sea change in the way people work while planning for a very different post-COVID future.Planning for a return to normal will bring a new set of challenges, and the biggest change from a talent acquisition point of view could be the glut of job-seeking talent on the market. However, even though many organizations will see a tremendous increase in responses to job postings, it will be that much more difficult to find the right people with the right skillset.


In this closing panel discussion we’ll review some strategies for successfully adapting your talent acquisition initiatives to cope with sudden change, such as:


  • Looking for critical talent well in advance of when positions need to be filled because it will take much longer than it did before to sort through all the applicants
  • Investing more in machine learning technology and artificial-intelligence-based assessments to identify those who best fit the role and the culture
  • Assessing your current workforce and focusing on engagement, succession planning and internal movement to fill future roles with high-performing talent that’s already in place
  • Utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to optimize collection and management of applicant flow data
  • Digitizing your recruitment, leveraging virtual meetings, forging online connections, and maintaining ongoing conversations with promising talent for future placement

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End of Virtual Summit

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  • The Future of Diversity & Inclusion is NOW: How to Roll-Out Future Plans in The Here & Now
  • Driving Change With Truth: Giving a Voice to Fear to Identify and Remove Barriers to Change
  • The Inflection Point: Examining History to Determine a New Path Forward
  • Capacity for Change: Identifying The Resources That Will Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professional vs. Personal: Redefining Workplace Norms
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