Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Summit 2021

April 8, 2021

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Welcome to Opal Group’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Summit

DE&I in the Workplace: A Crucial Pillar to People, Belonging, Culture, and Business Strategy

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is a gathering of Diversity, Equity, Equality, Inclusion, Belonging, Culture, Talent, and Human Resources practitioners, that will connect, benchmark, network, and focus on key strategies, practices, and ideas to create long-term, impactful, change during this unprecedented time in history. During these uncertain times, it’s important to create and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals, and the Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit fosters these relationships - all from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices.

Our Summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience that features unparalleled keynote speaking sessions with thought-leading case studies, highly-interactive panel discussions, and a virtual experience that includes customized networking opportunities and real-time attendee insights.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Management executives.

Join us! Interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring? Contact Ashley Hagglund at (212) 532-9898 ext 243 or email info@opalgroup.net.

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Opal Group is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.

Current as of January 15, 2021

2021 Speakers

Tyronne Stoudemire, Vice President – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Hyatt Corporation

James Cheng, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Zimmer Biomet

Kenneth Bailey, Director, Office of Inclusion and Civil Rights, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

2020 Speakers

Annette R. Martinez, Senior Vice President, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companies

Denise Fields, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Neustar, Inc.

Lauren Gohde, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Philips North America

Lauren von Stackelberg, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Expedia Group

Lee Wills-Irvine, Head of Talent Acquisition & Culture, Sony Electronics

Nichelle Grant, Head of DEI, Siemens

Steve Shih, Associate Administrator, Diversity & Equal Opportunity, NASA

Vievette Henry, Global Head of Organizational Effectiveness & Inclusion, AIG

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Presentation


Committing to Change: How to Turn Employee Insights into a Business Plan for Long-Lasting and Meaningful Change


Over the past year, company leaders have been listening to their underrepresented employees as the first step in committing to end a long history of systemic racism and discrimination. Employees now more than ever need to feel heard, supported, and empowered. Now that they have spoken, DEI leaders have the responsibility to empower and elevate the voices of their employees by leveraging the insights they are hearing and turning them into real initiatives.


In this session, learn how DEI leaders are empowering employees through real efforts to evoke long-term, meaningful change in the workplace, specifically how they are using what they have heard to:


  • Achieve employee goals and expectations
  • Drive a new culture of belonging and equity
  • Prove that change is here to stay
Presented by

Tyronne Stoudemire, Vice President & Global Chief Diversity and Internal Officer, Hyatt Corporation


Keynote Presentation


A Blueprint for Your Immersive Environment: Fighting Fear and Inspiring Inclusivity


There are many ways organizations are working to foster an inclusive working environment, but a critical challenge is identifying a proper blend of efforts that contribute to near-term progress without hindering long-term change. Unfortunately, in the near term, not all hearts and minds are open to change. However, when thinking about an inclusive workplace strategy, there is a framework that supports this ideal blend, where the present focus is on how to act and react in inclusive ways. Immersive Learning in Virtual Reality enables employees to practice having the right actions and reactions by focusing on immersive inclusive conversations.


In this session, discover how to leverage Immersive Learning for inclusive conversation training and how companies can implement it at scale so their employees can develop the skills to:


  • Become more situationally aware as well as self-aware
  • Identify non-inclusive behavior of oneself and colleagues
  • Make informed decisions on next steps based on data-driven insight and practice
  • Reduce the fear and doubt that cause inaction
  • Demonstrate proper action and reaction to non-inclusive and inequitable situations

Panel Discussion


Leveling the Playing Field: Tried and True Equity & Inclusion Practices in the Workplace


Over the past year organizations have stepped up their DEI game, with a much needed focus on racial equity. Companies have launched new initiatives and discovered new ways to really listen to what their employees want and need. Despite visible and stated efforts, not all moved the needle in lasting and meaningful ways. This session will discuss the different initiatives launched by DEI leaders that have shown effective and meaningful change in their organizations, including how that was measured.


During this session we will explore the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and important lessons learned including:


  • The crucial difference between actions for meeting metrics and actions that are meaningful
  • Promotion opportunities not just based on diversity, but on talent that was fostered by the organization
  • Which employees are disproportionately impacted by socio-economic conditions and how employers can step in to reduce those burdens and foster their career growth
  • Achieving equitable representation by enhancing recruiting and leadership development programs for black talent
Presented by

James Cheng, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Zimmer Biomet


Keynote Presentation


Examining Intersectionality to Uncover Gaps in Your DEI Practices


Many organizations have implemented strategies, practices, and programs to address the vulnerability of specific minority groups to certain inequities. However, from an intersectional perspective, there are still gaps to fill to address the complexity of prejudices faced by individuals with overlapping identities and experiences. This session will provide a framework for identifying the role of intersectionality in your organization, where it goes unnoticed for most, and how to adapt.


In this session, learn how to:


  • Identify which groups are benefiting most from a particular program and who is being left out
  • Modify your programs to cater to more needs without breaking the budget
  • Understand the difference in needs for employees that fit into different categories of diversity

Keynote Presentation


The Real Impacts of Microaggressions in the Workplace and How to Address Them


Great strides have been made for promoting inclusivity and open dialogue about racial inequity, but further, more meaningful progress is inhibited by conscious and unconscious behaviors. These behaviors are a result of different motivations of individuals, institutions, and companies, as well as the different dialogues that are spread in today’s world of information overload.


In this session, learn how to overcome these challenges standing in the way of equity:


  • Educating employees on Color Blindness, Color-isms, and strategies to avoid those behaviors
  • Comparing intentions with reality, of company policies, practices, and procedures designed to promote DEI
  • Conveying the important distinction between woke-washing versus authentic activism
  • Staying accountable to company actions and statements to ensure changes are truly made
  • Embedding diverse representation into leadership without practicing co-optation

Fireside Chat


Measuring the Success of Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives


A DEI leader with a savvy business acumen understands that outside of the DEI function, business priority and funding is given based on that which can be measured for efficacy. However, the notion of a DEI metric has often been disputed because of the implications it can have on delivering meaningful and long-lasting results. In this session, learn about the metrics DEI industry leaders are using to ensure that DEI remains on the company agenda, while also maintaining the integrity of their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


End of Virtual Summit

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Premier Sponsorship Opportunities

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The Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is currently seeking solution providers to present case studies and share innovative solutions in the Diversity & Inclusion space. Learn more about sponsored thought leadership and branding opportunities by contacting info@opalgroup.net

  • Committing to Change: How to Turn Employee Insights into a Business Plan for Long-Lasting and Meaningful Change
  • Measuring the Success of Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Power Language: Keeping Language up-to-date in the Workplace
  • The Real Impacts of Microaggressions in the Workplace and How to Address Them
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Tried and True Equity and Inclusion Practices in the Workplace
  • Examining Intersectionality to Uncover Gaps in Your DEI Practices
  • Finding and Hiring Talent That Aligns with Your Corporate Values and Leads to Future Business Success  
  • A Blueprint for Your Immersive Environment: Fighting Fear and Inspiring Inclusivity
  • Prescheduled One-to-One Meetings:
    Each participating solution provider and attendees will have pre-summit access to our matching software that allows you to completely customize your meeting agenda. The password-protected website provides the information needed to make your selections on who you want to meet with.

  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities:
    We strive to maximize your face-to-face time by providing a multitude of avenues to engage the senior executives in attendance. The agenda incorporates an off-site networking activity, networking luncheons and cocktail reception. Leverage the meeting’s intimate atmosphere to build strong personal relationships with current and future clients.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Summit is an exclusive event for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Human Resources practitioners from Fortune 1000 and leading organizations across the world.


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Join us! Interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring? Contact Ashley Hagglund at (212) 532-9898 ext. 243 or email info@opalgroup.net.

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