European Private Wealth Summit 2022

London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, London, UK
October 10, 2022

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The European Private Wealth Summit is held in the charming Grosvenor Square in London, UK. As part of Opal Financial Group's Private Wealth Series, this conference is the premier event in Europe for high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations and other institutional investors. Private investors and asset managers will visit this picturesque setting for a day of engaging discussions on the latest investment trends. The summit will focus on asset allocation, ESG & Impact Investing, private credit, digital assets, niche alternative investments, the outlook of geopolitics & the global economy along with discussions around structuring wealth, family governance and engaging the Next Gen. This event is completely closed-door and invitation-only, and it is designed to enable genuine peer-to-peer learning and networking for the European private wealth & institutional investor community.

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Current as of October 4, 2022


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Networking Breakfast


Welcoming Remarks


Global Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Outlook


Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Family Office (SFO)


Rakeshh Gupta, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SayeNvest Capital Advisory Limited

Ceasar N. Anquillare, JP, Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder, Winchester Capital & WinStar


Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Pattern Discovery through A.I.

Presented by

Mark Anderson, CEO, Pattern Computer, Inc.


Examining Private Market Investment Styles and Strategies


Ian Milton, Founder, Mercia Capital


Paul Harvey, Founder & Executive Chairman, Juniper Place

Nick Ayton, General Partner, SolariX Ventures Ltd

Lorna Robertson, Head of Funds, Connection Capital


ESG: Investing in A Sustainable Future


Mark Northway, Investment Manager, Sparrows Capital Limited


Lina Constantinovici, Founder, Innovation 4.4

Jeffrey Green, CEO, Balancedboards, Partnerships, ESGDAO.EARTH

Tatyana Mursalimov, Director, PMCL Consulting


Networking Luncheon


Demystifying The Blockchain, Metaverse and Web 3.0


Tushar Patel, Managing Director, HFIM


Vianney Mathonnet, Director - Family Office, KAPPAFRIK GROUP

Aditya Nagarsheth, Founder, Perpetual Value Partners Limited

Ankush Jain, CFA, CIO, Co-founder, Aaro Capital

Dan O'Connell, Founder and Chairman, Brand Lab Fashion


Hedge Funds and The Rebirth of Active Management


Paul Harvey, Founder & Executive Chairman, Juniper Place


Stefano Cordero di Montezemolo, Principal, SCdM Academy

Saftar Sarwar, Chief Investment Officer, Binary Capital Investment Management (MFO)


European Investor Roundtable


Antonio Curia, Executive Director, Wimmer Family Office (MFO)


Bilal Zein, COO, Quanon Capital Ltd

Siddharth Kumar, Director, Imperium Global (SFO)



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London W1K 6JP United Kingdom" data-x="" data-y="">
London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square
London W1K 6JP United Kingdom

If a guest does not check-in on the reserved check-in date (and has not notified the hotel of any changes), the room will be subject to release. If the room is released, deposits will not be returned and guest credit card will be charged for the entire stay.

Standard Rate
Asset Managers/Service Providers $1,495.00
Investors Complimentary*

*Subject to Opal Group’s verification and approval. Only individuals who are solely investing on their own behalf can be verified for a complimentary pass. Solution Providers or Fund Providers to third parties will not be able to receive complimentary access. As investment portfolios/strategies are constantly changing, we reserve the right to re-verify past delegates for future complimentary passes.

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  • Strategies to Outperform your Larger Peers
  • Investor Perspective: Benefits of investing in Small and Emerging Managers
  • Fixed Income and Credit
  • Capitalizing on Equity Investments
  • Investing in Emerging Real Estate
  • Think Outside the Box – Investing in Innovative Ideas
  • Opportunities in Emerging Hedge Funds
  • Advantages of a Woman Owned Firm
  • Showcase: Meet the Managers
  • Effective Marketing Methods
  • Consultant Round Table
  • Boosting Results: The Role of Service Providers and Brokers
  • Ampfield Management
    Corry Capital Advisors
    Halley Venture Partners
    Interactive Brokers
    Makalu Fund Management
    Measure 8 Venture Partners
    Naylor & Company Investments, LLC
    Resource Royalty
    Jefferies, LLC

  • OpEff
    Opus Fund Services
    Horizon Real Estate Group
    Virtus Partners LLC
    Quadratic, LLC

  • Block Chain Managers
  • Broker Dealers
  • Consultants
  • Crypto Managers
  • Emerging Equity Managers
  • Emerging Fund of Funds
  • Emerging Hedge Funds
  • Emerging Private Equity
  • Emerging Real Estate Managers
  • Emerging Venture Capitalists
  • Endowments
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Planners
  • Fin Tech Companies
  • Foundations
  • Industry Service Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Minority Owned Firms
  • Pensions
  • Taft Hartley
  • Women Owned Firms

Investors vs. Managers/Service Providers

    Investor Breakdown

      Opal provides cutting edge investment education opportunities. Unknown


      Kudos on the excellent summit on Emerging Managers. The topics were diverse and of interest, panelists were impressive and the flow of the event kept me stimulated throughout. Unknown


      I valued the opportunity to engage with those representing the various stages of the investment process; from the managers, to the consultants, to the investors. I found the substantive conversations I had to be one of the conference's highlights. Unknown