HR Leaders Virtual Summit 2020

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October 7, 2020 - October 8, 2020

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Welcome to Opal Group’s HR Leaders Virtual Summit

The Future of Human Resources – Creating a Culture of Adaptability

The HR Leaders Virtual Summit is a gathering of Human Resources and Talent Management practitioners that will connect, benchmark, network and focus on key human resources and talent initiatives. During these uncertain times, it’s important to create and maintain relationships with like-minded professionals, and the HR Leaders Virtual Summit fosters these relationships - all from the safety and comfort of our homes or offices.

Our Summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience that features unparalleled keynote speaking sessions with thought-leading case studies, highly-interactive panel discussions, and a virtual 3D experience that includes customized networking opportunities and real-time attendee insights.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Human Resources, and Talent Management executives.

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Current as of September 18, 2020


Andrew Saidy, VP Talent Digitization, Employer Branding & University Relations, Schneider Electric

Ken Hubbell, Senior Vice President, Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation, Wells Fargo

Valerie Norton, Chief People Officer, Habitat for Humanity

Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People Officer, American Tire Distributors

Paul Hevesy, VP - Organizational Effectiveness, Stanley Black & Decker

Ritu Shrivastav, Senior Director Human Resources, Gilead Sciences

Charlene Thomas, Chief Human Resources Officer, UPS

Annette R. Martinez, Senior Vice President, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companies

10:00am EST

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:


Revamping and Reprioritizing Your HR Strategy


Opening Keynote Presentation


Building and Embracing a Culture of Adaptability


The most important virtue of companies that survived during the recent pandemic was their ability to adapt. The need to adapt is not over. Looking ahead, there is a lack of the certainty HR leadership needs to create a new organization-wide outlook that fosters adaptability, creativity and engagement. Both the mistakes and successes of companies offer key lessons that can be used to create an evolving framework for HR leaders.


Join this informative session as we review the lessons learned from recent challenges such as:


  • Transitioning to remote work on a massive scale
  • Creating new work flow processes to maintain communication
  • Speeding up technological literacy for legacy employees
  • Reevaluating expectations for employee productivity at home
  • Assisting employees with different home circumstances
  • Enabling employees to help

Panel Discussion


Enhancing Employee Engagement in a Work From Home Lifestyle


Due to the long-lasting implications of COVID-19, organizations around the world have been forced to rapidly change how they get work done – and this includes the creation and management of how they engage employees. While it is difficult to predict what the rest of 2020 and even 2021 will hold, it’s critical for companies to find a system that works for their remote workers to ensure productive and impactful work.


Join this engaging session as we discuss best practices for creating a successful remote workforce in today’s climate, such as:


  • Making a decision on technology strategy and then clearly communicating that training employees on best practices for utilization soon as possible.
  • Designing the virtual work day with the same support, collaboration, and expectations as your in-person work days.
  • Setting clear expectations about what successful remote work should look like, and developing an effective communication system to track progress

Keynote Presentation


Adaptability Quotient – The New Metric of Success


The past few months have proven that the ability to adapt quickly has been a crucial skill for employees and leaders alike. As such, it’s up to leadership to create a new method for evaluating employee performance that accounts for their ability to adapt to changes and disruptions to their
ways of working.


In this informative session, we discuss the answers to questions about this new metric such as:


  • How is the Adaptability Quotient measured?
  • How can managers help increase their team’s AQ?
  • How can HR leaders help managers to better adapt?
  • What tools and techniques and be adopted to help with adaptability?

Keynote Presentation


Transforming Talent Strategy: Igniting Organizational Effectiveness, Company Performance, and Growth During a Pandemic


CHROs and Human Resources leaders are expected to hold many titles; trusted advisor, creator of talent strategy, driver of culture, and many more. In the midst of the recent pandemic, enterprises have adapted their goals to align with new future expectations that are based on uncertainty. As enterprises evolve their goals, and talent needs change to meet those goals, HR needs to constantly rethink their strategies to align with those new goals and produce results that grow the business. Today, these pillars need to ignite organizational effectiveness and accelerate performance faster than ever before.


Join this session to hear how HR leaders are connecting talent strategy, purpose and performance in an effort to support and fuel business growth in an uncertain and rapidly changing landscape.


Topics to be discussed include:


  • Developing and Executing your evolving Talent Strategy “Map”
  • Defining new HR priorities and goals
  • Balancing short-term and long-term goals
  • Enabling breakthroughs throughout the talent life cycle that fuel growth
  • Fueling purpose among all employees

Solution Provider Showcase


Keynote Presentation


Managing Today’s Multigenerational Workforce: Avoiding a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Engaging and Growing Employees


The demographic shifts and the instant shift to virtual work are requiring HR leadership to evolve and apply new paradigms toward talent engagement and development. Organizations must explore rapid development tactics and implement highly effective engagement strategies to stay competitive. In this interactive presentation, we’ll discuss the current state of employee engagement, including key factors that have a direct influence on engagement results.


During this session we will:


  • Examine best practices to achieve higher levels of employee engagement through personalization
  • Explore what role HR leadership should play in driving engagement versus front-line managers
  • Dive into specific leadership competencies that are necessary to ensure continued engagement
  • Discuss how to build a healthier culture and a more resilient workforce

End of Day One

10:00am EST

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:


Coping with Crisis – Overhauling Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with New Tools and Tactics


Keynote Presentation


Attracting and Retaining Talent More Effectively by Understanding Behavioral Shifts


Today’s labor market is increasingly tight, and with all of the issues that are taking place as a result of COVID-19, shifting toward a more agile workforce model is important. To do this properly, it’s critical to make the shift so that it aligns with employees’ preferences – to better fit their lifestyles and afford better opportunities for career growth.


Join us in this informative session as we discuss the steps needed to effectively shift towards an agile workforce, such as:


  • Developing work-life “fluidity” versus work-life balance
  • Working collaboratively with the C-Suite to get executive buy-in
  • Increase workforce compatibility with flex-time and job-sharing initiatives
  • Affording employees the opportunity to make their own choices as to when, where, and how they engage in work-related projects and tasks

Keynote Presentation


Utilizing Data Analytics as a Growing HR Investment Priority to Better Adapt to the Workforce of the Future


In order to realize the true value of data analytics, HR teams must experiment with new technologies and integrate them into their day-to-day practices. Unfortunately, many HR organizations are seriously lacking in this regard. HR leaders that are ahead of the curve and utilize
data analytics within the workplace are far better equipped to drive people performance and mitigate potential turnover.


Join this interactive session as we discuss the benefits of utilizing data and advanced analytics in HR, such as:


  • Having the ability to quickly identify root causes of attrition in specific populations and demographic groups
  • Being able to differentiate behaviors of high versus low performers
  • Rapidly spotting burn-out and disengagement in order to implement re-engagement initiatives
  • Tracking data beyond the traditional HR system to understand patterns of behavior through multiple channels, such as: social media, emails, chat, calendars, etc.
  • Identifying which colleagues are at risk of attrition, and making targeted interventions accordingly

Panel Discussion


New Visions for Well-Being and Wellness – Generate a Healthier Workforce and Improved Culture


Research consistently shows that the health status of an organization’s employees directly influences their work behavior, attendance and on-the-job performance. Therefore, improving employee well-being will result in a more productive workforce. Most high-performing companies
now measure employee health status as a key part of their overall risk management strategy, and many pursue active wellness programs. However, for wellness initiatives to succeed they must be
an intrinsic part of an organization’s culture, and this requires persistent and engaged leadership at all levels.


In this interactive panel discussion, we will discuss how to drive high-performing health and work behavior outcomes by:


  • Creating an organizational culture that promotes health and wellness
  • Ensuring your company policies align with and support your health and wellness goals
  • Offering incentives that motivate employees to engage in healthy practices
  • Developing wellness programming that includes customized employee-centric health programs
  • Integrating HR functions with employee wellness and work-life quality initiatives

Keynote Presentation


Beyond Retention, Recruitment and Reputation: Developing Your Company Culture by Aligning it with Core Business Objectives and Strategies


If an organization doesn’t align its culture with business goals, how can they expect their people to help the company achieve them? Savvy HR leaders and senior-level executives implement specific strategies that cultivate a distinct culture that is fully aligned with their brand identity. They know that when they create an interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship between how their organization thinks and acts on the inside and how it is perceived and experienced on the outside,
they increase the competitiveness of their business, create measurable value for their employees and customers, and future-proof their business by developing an authentic brand and healthy organization.


Join us to discover how to cultivate a great culture that aligns with your business objectives by:


  • Creating culture-changing employee experiences
  • Ensuring that even the most mundane aspects of your organization advances and supports the desired culture
  • Using employee brand engagement tactics to regain focus and momentum when necessary
  • Leveraging your internal culture to shape your external brand identity

Solution Provider Showcase


Closing Panel Discussion


Build a True Culture of Equality in Your Organization with an All-Inclusive Talent Strategy that Propels Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts


In addition to company culture, diversity & inclusion practices are critical in the hiring and employee development processes, and an organization’s talent management strategy is intricately tied to a culture of inclusivity. It’s important for HR leadership to institute programs that focus on
their workforce with a strategy that includes diversity and unconscious bias training, as well as employee resource groups to further propel their D&I efforts.


Join us in this informative panel discussion as we discuss ways to improve your D&I efforts by:


  • Driving inclusion in the employee experience and tracking employee satisfaction survey scores
  • Reducing bias in promotion, compensation, and development opportunities by reviewing employee retention rates
  • Identifying barriers to promotion and measuring the diversity of employees by management and leadership positions
  • Measuring pay inequity and bias in promotion decisions, and tracking employee compensation by role

Solution Provider Showcase


End of Virtual Summit

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  • Transforming Learning Culture: How the Current Landscape is Changing Learning Behavior and Enhancing Engagement
  • Technological Transformation of the Workforce: Enabling Socially and Economically Sustainable Learning Programs
  • The New Normal: Converting Face-to-Face Programs to Virtual Learning Experiences
  • Powering Learners: Igniting Workforce Transformation through Agility, Resilience and a Growth Mindset
  • Modernizing L&D Ecosystems to Enhance Employee Engagement and Rapidly Adapt Delivery
  • Transformation at the Speed of Business: How Adaptive Learning is Building the Future Workforce by Creating Continuous, Personalized, Quality Learning Experiences
  • Learning Experience Design: The Shift from Content to Experience Driven
  • L&D of the Future: Where Do We Go from Here?
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