Indonesia Smart Cities & Urban Planning Conference Virtual 2022

March 3, 2022

42 days left

The promise of technology in Asia has contributed and evolved well in certain capital cities across the region. The concept is simple – technology takes a lead everywhere in order to make your city better and your citizens prosperous. While acceptance has been challenged and slower in some areas in Asia-Pacific (APAC), countries like Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar have successfully implemented their own versions of smart city.

Smart cities can improve the access and quality of urban services for citizens, businesses, and governments through digital technologies. At present, connectivity created a wider availability and considering the low-cost internet of things (IoT) big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed hybrid multicloud, smart infrastructures innovations in APAC continues to grow. These takes APAC as the fastest region to adopt smart city technologies.

This coming March 3, 2022, Opal Financial Group is proud to present to you it’s very own Indonesia Smart Cities and Urban Planning Conference. An approach to support and create opportunities that reflects in specific urban challenges as well as the city’s capacity to address those challenges, both in sustainable implementation and management of smart city solutions.

In this edition, we will explore on the diversity of smart city initiatives, models, implementation modes draws out the potential opportunities to collaborate in facilitating the the development of livable cities.

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Welcome Remarks


Rethinking Urban Development In A Post Pandemic World


Sponsored Presentation: ICT infrastructure. A city-wide network of connectivity, combined with the latest intelligent systems, secures the real-time exchange of data across a city and makes it available to citizens and businesses


Networking and tea break


Panel Discussion: Defining smart cities: How do we become a real smart city?


Urban Planning: Combining geographic information system (GIS) data on land, properties, and other assets with data from a variety of tools in a centralized way optimizes urban planning


Lunch Break





Waste Management

Sustainable resources: Water and Energy


Networking and tea break


Matching skill sets: Employment opportunities that are promoted through innovation and skills that transform existing industries and service sectors


Mobility and transport: Digital technology enablers that supports sustainable transport modes and mobility services to efficiently move people and goods, while increasing accessibility and affordability, as well as reducing accidents, congestion, and pollution.


Panel Discussion: Redesigning your city: Intelligent solutions enhance the coverage,
precision, and reliability of information on natural hazards, enabling timely climate change adaptation and disaster risk management responses that reduce damage and loss, and increase the coping capacity of governments, citizens, and businesses


Closing Remarks

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