Intelligent Automation: What You Can Learn From Nielsen’s Automated Data Factories

Webinar @ 1pm EST
December 3, 2020

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Intelligent Automation: What You Can Learn From Nielsen’s Automated Data Factories


The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us the hard way that business as usual will never be the same. Companies are embracing digital transformation at an unprecedented pace to remain relevant in today's economic climate—finding new ways to accomplish their work, adjusting their workforce, and creating new experiences for their customers.

Successful businesses have turned to intelligent automation to reimagine their operating models and service delivery frameworks. The promise of robotic process automation combined with data-driven autonomous insights based on AI and ML can fundamentally alter core processes for getting goods and services to consumers. What can you learn from companies that have been early adopters of intelligent automation to enable you to take the best path forward in your journey?

The Nielsen Company collects, organizes, and produces data products to enable companies to understand and drive consumer engagement and sales across 100,000+ brands capturing 800,000+ monthly transaction with trillions of data points. Learn how Nielsen is automating the supply chain of its data-to-insights factory.

Join us for a conversation at our next webinar on Thursday, December 3, where we will cover:

• What does intelligent automation mean?
• How successful companies embrace it and what can you learn from them?
• How you can manage technical, functional, and organizational change
• Lessons learned and recommendations for your consideration

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InfoCepts is a Data & Analytics Services firm – recognized by Gartner amongst the Top 50 in the world – who enables its customers to optimize & accelerate the value of all its data assets. Unique amongst its peers, InfoCepts operates with the scale as a global consulting firm, yet the expertise of a niche partner.

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1:00pm EST

Sneh Agrawal, Senior Manager, Global Practices, InfoCepts
Sneh Agrawal is the Principal of Strategic Advisory and Consulting practice at Infocepts. At InfoCepts, Sneh provides transformative consulting services to both our existing clients as well as prospects. He works closely with our clients to empathize with their challenges, provides technical solutions as well as strategic roadmaps which would give the team the best shot at success. Sneh brings over 14 years of experience providing Data and Analytics solutions to clients across the technology and domain spectrums. He has directly contributed to some of our more complex technical Data and analytics implementations comprising of a wide variety of technologies like MicroStrategy, Tableau, Hortonworks, AWS, Talend, Snowflake, Teradata to name a few.

Francois Mongy, Director of Connect BI, Nielsen
Francois Mongy is the Director of Connect BI at NielsenIQ. He is focused on organization deployment, processes re-engineering and automation, and client BI deployment. NielsenIQ is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers buy. Prior to NielsenIQ, he led data journeys for several other companies in Telco and Media industries.

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Intelligent Automation: What You Can Learn From Nielsen’s Automated Data Factories
Thursday, December 3, 2020
1pm EST

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