Learning & Development Executive Summit 2019

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort, Orlando, FL
February 3, 2019 - February 5, 2019

53 days left

Welcome to Opal Group’s Learning & Development Executive Summit

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Transforming the Employee Experience

The Learning & Development Executive Summit is a gathering of C-Suite Executives and Senior Decision Makers from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations. Our intimate, invitation-only event creates new business relationships and opportunities to benchmark with true peers while focusing on key business challenges.

Our summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience featuring unparalleled speaking sessions, on and off-site networking opportunities, and customized face-to-face business meetings.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Chief Learning Officers, Chief Talent Officers and other top executives in learning, development and talent management.

Join us! Interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring? Contact Cherlene Willis at (212) 532-9898 ext 230 or email info@opalgroup.net.

Current as of December 13, 2018


Jeff James, Vice President and General Manager, Disney Institute

Molly Hill, Vice President of Global Talent, Starbucks

Clint Kofford, Global Head of Talent Development, Johnson & Johnson

Miya Maysent, VP, Talent Development & Diversity, JCPenney

Shelly Holt, VP Learning & Development, Expedia

Crystal Hardie Langston, Chief Learning Officer, Vanguard

Constance Keys, Head of Learning & Culture, Campbell Soup

Kee Meng Yeo, Vice President, Enterprise Talent Development, Amway

Mark Boccia, Global Head of Learning & Development, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Chris Pickett, Senior Director, Training, Pacific Gas and Electric

Seanna McGough, Learning & Development Leader, Wells Fargo

Tracey York, Vice President, Global Talent Management, Berry Global

Lisa Toppin, Chief Diversity Officer & Vice President of Talent Management, LPL Financial

Roland Silverio, Executive Coach, CHRO (Ret), Jabil

Jay Morris, Executive Director, Institute for Excellence (IFE), Vice President, Education, Yale New Haven Health System

Jamie Graceffa, Director of Learning and Organizational Change, Philips

Lauren Gohde, North America Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Philips

David Nace, Head of Brand Development, Education, and Bose Brand University, Bose Corporation

Kimberly Kavala, Vice President, Global Learning & Talent Development, Assurant

Christine Belknap, VP Talent Development, NCR

KimArie Yowell, Vice President of Talent Development, Quicken Loans

Adam Girard, AVP - Learning Technology & Analytics, MetLife

Shawn Dingle, Senior Training Director, Sonic Automotive

Casper Moerck, Head of Learning Technology, Siemens Corporation

Carol Alfieri, Rogers Communications


Welcome Brunch | Meet & Greet Activity | Event Registration


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks | L&D’s Impact on Employee Experience


Opening Keynote Presentation


Empowering Employees: Building the Future Workforce by Redesigning L&D Models to Focus on
Continuous Growth, Rewarding Outcomes, and Betterment


Learning and talent development leaders are revitalizing how employees are motivated and inspired through new continuous learning opportunities that enable people to adapt to changing business needs, while achieving personal growth and satisfaction. Forward-thinking L&D leaders are supporting employees at the moment of need, within the flow of work, to improve skills and competencies through personalized and
intentional learning experiences. Topics to be discussed include:

• Redefining strategy to meet employees’ expectations
• Cultivating a growth mindset within a global workforce
• Scaling on-demand, real-time learning, and in-the-moment capabilities
• Redesigning personalized learning to drive performance
• Incorporating learning in the end-to-end employee experience



Interactive Panel Discussion


Transforming Organizational Culture: Fueling Purpose, Enabling the Shift, and Driving “Who We Are and
What We Do”


Innovation, rapid change and business realignments require agility, dedication, and purpose. How do L&D
executives bring purpose to life? Connecting purpose to what employees accomplish every day is growing in
importance. People need to believe in what they are providing – their services and their work. Creating the
right culture that ignites organizational effectiveness by uniting employees, identifying driving forces and
enabling breakthroughs is vital to growth. Join this session to hear how and why our panelists are transforming
organizational culture. Hear how executives are:


• Uncovering the disconnect between previous or current company cultures
• Identifying the building blocks to spark effective culture shifts
• Developing concepts for a multidimensional workforce
• Earning support and employee buy-in for behavior changes, evolving mindsets and actionable results



Kee Meng Yeo| VP, Enterprise Talent Development | Amway


Constance Keys | Head of Global Learning and Culture | Campbell Soup


One-on-One Business Meetings | 30 Minutes Each



Keynote Presentation


Driving Business Forward, Overcoming Adversity, and Building Resiliency to Help Your Leaders Develop New Capabilities in a Rapidly Changing World


Leadership development in today’s complex and volatile world continues to be a top challenge for enterprise organizations. While even the largest companies are modernizing development programs for leaders at all
levels, it’s imperative that leaders take control of their own development, seek what inspires them and become passionate about continuous learning. Leaders need to become resilient in an unpredictable world
and organizations need to rethink the right ways to match unconventional learning approaches with new environments. In this session, you will hear how organizations are successfully:


• Developing new leadership development experiences that ignite passion
• Leveraging lessons learned from leaders of the past to inspire
• Creating new, collaborative opportunities that inspire personal investment


Culinary Creations: Build Your Own Snack | Change Attire for Tour


Living Laboratory: Business Behind the Magic Tour at the Walt Disney World Resort®


During this behind-the-scenes private tour of the Walt Disney World Resort, attendees will visit multiple locations and learn first-hand how Disney business insights and time-tested methodologies are operationalized to deliver a greater customer experience.


This 4-hour tour features concepts and illustrations from the professional development courses offered by Disney Institute and shows how they come to life each day at the Walt Disney World Resort® for Cast Members and guests.




End of Day One


Networking Breakfast


Executive Spotlight


Join us for this exclusive Executive Spotlight featuring a one-on-one candid session about lessons learned, enterprise-level change and new L&D initiatives. This session will provide an uncensored snapshot of organizational culture, employee engagement, workforce resilience and employee-inspired innovation.


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks | How L&D Leaders are Driving Business Forward


Opening Keynote Presentation


Driving Business Impact through Employee Engagement: Hear how Johnson & Johnson is Igniting Change
on a Global Scale


Learn how J&J is creatively engaging its employees and leveraging passion to drive change. See specific ways in which J&J creatively engages its employees: running TEDx salons internally, facilitating ‘field trips’ or ‘adventures’ that drive inspiration, insight, and innovation, leveraging networks of passion to ignite change in key areas of development and innovation, leveraging some of the same tools to crowdsource strategy that brings the broader organization along faster.



Clint Kofford | Global Head of Talent Development | Johnson & Johnson


Keynote Presentation


The Benefits of Bite-Sized Learning at the Moment of Need: Creating Continuous Learning Opportunities through Microlearning


Today’s global workforce requires meaningful learning experiences that are produced at the moment of need and in a manner that enhances employee performance without disrupting workflow.


Additionally, employees want to apply information gathered through microlearning formats immediately on the job. Join this session to learn more about how to build an effective strategy that integrates with current
platforms. Questions to be discussed include:


• How to strategically integrate microlearning into existing models
• How to determine information and knowledge best delivered by this format
• How to tie microlearning to overall improvements in employee performance


One-on-One Business Meetings | 30 Minutes Each


Culinary Creations: Build Your Own Snack | Networking Break


Interactive Panel Discussion


Transforming Onboarding: How L&D is Improving the Onboarding Experience to Enhance Employee Development, Performance and Retention


Learning, whether it be about the company, job duties, performance expectations and more, no longer begins on day one of a new job. Today, potential employees want to learn as much as possible about potential
employers before onboarding even begins. However, how can learning leaders ensure new employees fully understand what they’re walking into and if it’s the right fit for them and the organization? Join this interactive
discussion to discover how leading organizations are addressing key onboarding issues through a learning lens. Join us to experience:


Royal Caribbean Cruises’ global initiative, “Embark – preparing for work and life at sea and beyond” is designed to onboard more than 15,000 new crew members each year and upskill another 45,000 crew members
preparing for their next role. Hear how Dr. Mark Boccia is transforming the traditionally undocumented and tribal learning practices employed in the cruise industry and quickly elevating the learning experiences to
better prepare a low-skilled workforce representing more than 170 countries and cultures.



Mark Boccia | Global Head of Learning & Development | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Christine Belknap | VP Talent Development | NCR

KimArie Yowell | Vice President of Talent Development | Quicken Loans


Interactive Workshops

Enterprise organizations need to remain competitive
by ensuring leaders at all levels are skilled and prepared for future business needs. Traditional instructor-led models are transforming into customized, blended learning programs to create “ready now” leaders.


Join this workshop to discuss the barriers encountered when developing a leadership pipeline and how new blended learning programs can help organizations achieve results.


Topics to be discussed include:
• Embedding learning into work environments
• Creating personalized learning paths that increase
• Developing self-directed learning programs to develop leaders

Augmented and virtual reality training is providing L&D
professionals with a new tool that potentially addresses all learning styles – visual, aural, verbal and physical – and provides a process that helps simplify complex, real-world situations within a controlled environment.


In this session, we will explore the growing opportunities in VR training and discuss key questions including:


• How VR/AR training tools are allowing for real-time
• How VR/AR is evolving experiential learning
• How employee performance is enhanced through
new capabilities


Networking Luncheon


Keynote Presentation


Interactive Workshops

AI-powered technologies are making their way into your employees’ lives as the adoption of personal assistants like Alexa or Siri continue to grow. People are using AI and becoming familiar with its capabilities, including making even the simplest tasks, simpler. How can AI and machine learning do the same for L&D?


In this interactive session learn more about unlocking the potential of AI in corporate training. You will explore how AI technologies are:


• Delivering training in the flow of work by providing
real-time support and guidance
• Improving employee productivity
• Enhancing employee user experience

Learning leaders need to shift from creating eLearning courses to creating a learning experience.


In this session, you will discuss what the future of learning experience design looks like. What do you believe the future workforce will expect and how will experiences be delivered?


Topics to be discussed include:
• Redesigning content to increase engagement and enhance interactivity
• Developing a strategic approach to training delivery
• Creating the L&D learning experience of the future to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.


One-on-One Business Meetings | 30 Minutes Each


Culinary Creations: Build Your Own Snack | Networking Break


Executive Breakout Sessions

In this session, we will explore how premium education benefits are making headlines and becoming a key component in the overall employee experience while producing positive business impact.


Topics to be discussed include:
• How to develop best-in-class strategies for implementing new programs
• Results of real-world programs
• How programs improve brand awareness, engagement and retention

What is your organization doing to grow and develop a diverse workforce? Diversity programs and initiatives
are becoming an integral part in building the workforce of the future. Join this session to hear how LPL Financial is creating informal mentoring programs to help develop female and minority leaders.


Topics to be discussed include:
• How to leverage established L&D systems to identify potential employees for leadership positions
• How to uncover and understand informal systems that may be preventing advancement of minority and female employees

Presented by

Lisa Toppin | Chief Diversity Officer &
VP of Talent Management | LPL Financial


Emerging Technologies Panel


Cutting-Edge: AI, AR, VR, Machine Learning – Uncovering the Digital Tools of Tomorrow’s eLearning Ecosystem


How will the learning leaders of today deliver innovating learning experiences through emerging technologies? Join this session to hear from next-gen solution providers and receive a sneak peek into tomorrow’s delivery methods and learning modalities, today!


Executive Session


Workshop: Designing Inclusion and Diversity into L&D Curriculum


Join this session to explore and examine current learning and development programs by deep diving into corporate learning delivery, initiatives and modalities through the lens of inclusion and diversity.

Led by

Jamie Graceffa, Director of Learning and Organizational Change, Philips


Lauren Gohde, North America Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Philips


One-on-One Business Meetings


Interactive Panel Discussion


Developing Future Leaders Internally: How to Create Engaging, Interactive and Inspiring Leadership Development Programs Catered to Individual Learners at All Levels


From frontline leaders to top executives and all levels in between, enterprise organizations are investing in effective leadership programs that deliver forward-thinking employees who are embracing continuous learning and professional development. Join us to experience:

A behind-the-scenes look at Berry Global’ s multi-tiered Executive Development Program, which develops all leadership levels within 19 countries. Hear how Tracey York, VP of Global Talent Management, created customized programs which feature real-time problem solving and a la carte style training based on critical, timely needs, to better identify what makes an effective leader at Berry Global.


Tracey York | VP of Global Talent Management | Berry Global

Seanna McGough, Learning & Development Leader, Wells Fargo

Shawn Dingle, Senior Training Director, Sonic Automotive


Mixology 101: Library of Libations | Networking Cocktail Reception


Breakfast Roundtables


Executive-led interactive challenge-based roundtable discussions. Please select one session.

A. Building an Early-Identification Model to Uncover Learning Agility, Skills and Competencies that Meet the Demands of Future Business Needs

Led by

Roland Silverio, CHRO (Ret.) & Executive Coach, Jabil, Inc.

B. Transformational Coaching: How to Build Resiliency and Promote Employee Growth to Increase Performance

Led by

Jay Morris, VP of Education, Yale-New Haven Health

C. Developing a Brand University from Scratch

Led by

David Nace, Head of Brand Development, Education, and Bose Brand University, Bose Corporation

D. Increasing Collaboration and Integration Between L&D and Diversity Leaders to Yield Results


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks | Preparing the Future Workforce through L&D


Interactive Panel Discussion


Designing for the Modern Learner: Creating Engaging, Personalized, Continuous Learning Experiences to Reskill Employees and Keep Organizations Competitive


Developing the workforce of the future requires a multi-faceted proactive approach fueled by innovation and desired results. Learning leaders must leverage new technologies including mobile, social and microlearning
strategies and reinvent learning paths for employees of all levels to ensure knowledge is retained, future leaders are developed, and employees are prepared for rapid career and organizational changes.
This session will highlight how leading organizations have successfully implemented segmented and global programs while discussing the challenges and victories encountered along the way. Attend this session to hear how:

• Consumer-like technologies are achieving learning objectives that align with organizational goals, including reskilling for future needs and identifying leaders at all levels
• Levels of engagement, satisfaction and experience differ according to channel
• Learning leaders integrated new tools into the existing L&D landscape
• L&D innovation is supported throughout the organization

Adam Girard | AVP - Learning Technology & Analytics | MetLife

Casper Moerck | Head of Learning Technology | Siemens Corporation


Interactive Workshops

L&D leaders are being forced to rethink and reinvent best practices to engage an increasingly diverse global workforce that now spans multiple generations. From Millennials to Traditionalists, leading organizations are rolling out innovative programs that deliver personalized learning experiences. Join this session to discuss:


• Best practices for reinventing traditional learning
strategies to complement growing diversity
• Proactively planning for future L&D needs to
accommodate a new wave of learners
• How to increase overall engagement through
personalized learning experiences

Growing skills and talent shortages are forcing organizations to invest in employee development to motivate and inspire workers to become better employees. Traditional approaches are no longer unlocking employees’ full potential.


Join this session to hear how innovative professional coaching is improving performance and helping employees thrive in evolving environments.


• Building a self-confident workforce that performs under pressure while meeting organizational demands
• Integrating “in the moment” coaching opportunities when employees face new challenges
• Developing new creative processes that enhance decision-making skills


One-on-One Business Meetings | 30 Minutes Each | Refreshments & Networking Break


Keynote Presentation

Leveraging Leadership Development to Strengthen Culture: Learn how Assurant brings its culture to life through learning

Kimberly Kavala | Vice President, Global Learning & Talent Development | Assurant


Closing Keynote Presentation


Disney’s Approach to Customer Experience


Walt Disney parks and resorts is a recognized leader in delivering world-class experiences. This is your opportunity to learn from Jeff James, Vice President and General Manager of Disney Institute, as he shares business insights behind Disney’s success. You will leave inspired and ready to unlock the magic inside your organization.

Jeff James | Vice President and General Manager | Disney Institute


End of Summit | Champagne Toast | Thank you!

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort
10100 Dream Tree Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

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More networking, greater interactions, bigger ROI:

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is standing out from the crowd. Your company has the perfect solution to your customer’s problem but how do you grab their attention?

The Learning & Development Executive Summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience for cutting-edge solution providers to engage, interact, and build relationships with pre-qualified C-Suite Executives and Senior Decision Makers from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations who are actively looking for new business partners.

Solution providers are developing new business relationships through unparalleled speaking sessions, bespoke networking events, and custom face-to-face business meetings.

  • Creating new L&D models for an evolving global workforce
  • Identifying key organizational capabilities to drive growth and innovation
  • Identifying and developing future leaders internally
  • Leveraging L&D to improve onboarding, retention and performance
  • Reinventing continuous learning strategies to engage Millennials
  • Aligning L&D strategies with business objectives
  • Leveraging learning measurement and analytics
  • Integrating informal learning approaches
  • Designing programs for a multigenerational workforce
  • Utilizing technology tools to develop skills for future business needs
  • Prescheduled One-to-One Meetings:
    Each participating solution provider and attendees will have pre-summit access to our matching software that allows you to completely customize your meeting agenda. The password-protected website provides the information needed to make your selections on who you want to meet with.

  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities:
    We strive to maximize your face-to-face time by providing a multitude of avenues to engage the senior executives in attendance. The agenda incorporates an off-site networking activity, networking luncheons and cocktail reception. Leverage the meeting’s intimate atmosphere to build strong personal relationships with current and future clients.

The Leadership & Development Executive Summit is an invitation-only, exclusive event for heads of learning, development, leadership development, talent management and organizational effectiveness from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations.


Chief Learning Officers (CLOs)
Chief Talent Officers (CTOs)
SVP/VP/Head of Learning & Development
SVP/VP/Head of Talent Management
SVP/VP/Head of Leadership Development
SVP/VP/Head of Human Resources


To request your invitation today, please contact Katherine Ilagan at 212-532-9898 ext 233 or email info@opalgroup.net.

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