Learning & Development Executive Summit Fall 2019

The Statler Dallas, Dallas, TX
November 3, 2019 - November 5, 2019

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Welcome to Opal Group’s Fall 2019 Learning & Development Executive Summit

The Learning & Development Executive Summit Fall is a gathering of C-Suite Executives and Senior Decision Makers from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations. Our intimate, invitation-only event creates new business relationships and opportunities to benchmark with true peers while focusing on key business challenges.

Our summit provides a specialized, strategically-built experience featuring unparalleled speaking sessions, on and off-site networking opportunities, and customized face-to-face business meetings.

We believe in creating a memorable, collaborative and effective experience focused on continuous improvement for Chief Learning Officers, Chief Talent Officers and other top executives in learning, development and talent management.

Join us! Interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring? Contact Cherlene Willis at (212) 532-9898 ext 230 or email info@opalgroup.net.

The Summit Experience - Hear from Starbucks, Expedia, Home Depot, and more!

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Dave Roberts, President, UNC Kenan Flagler

Anne Fulton, Career Futurist and Author, Fuel50


Registration & Welcome Lunch


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: The Future of Work: How L&D Executives are Leading Transformation


Opening Keynote Presentation


Fueling Agility, Resilience and a Growth Mindset to Develop the Workforce of the Future


To drive business and grow as an organization, the focal point of learning & development initiatives must be geared towards ensuring that your workforce has the skills required for future business needs. To do this effectively, it’s important for L&D leaders to evolve how learning is delivered, and they must accurately predict what soft and hard skills will be required of their future workforce. As such, it’s critical to find new ways to blend old models and innovative tools to train and develop employees to become agile, resilient and develop a growth mindset. In essence – L&D leaders must ready their global workforce for change.


Join us as we discuss ways that L&D leaders can ready their global workforce for change, by:


  • Developing best practices for creating an agile and resilient workforce
  • Looking at real-world examples of development programs focused on growth mindset
  • Leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience
  • Driving a continuous learning culture with future business needs driving positive change

Keynote Presentation


Transformation at the Speed of Business: How Adaptive Learning is Building the Future Workforce by Creating Continuous, Personalized, Quality Learning Experiences


Leading organizations empower their employees to drive rapid innovation, growth and change, and they do this by creating a culture of learning, collaboration and advancement to arm employees with the skills and competencies needed to evolve the business. Effective CLOs and Learning leaders adapt their learning initiatives to become champions of change. They also recognize the importance of leveraging new L&D opportunities to support employees at the moment of need – within the flow of work – that inspires and motivates performance while also achieving business objectives.


In this interactive session we’ll discuss the best ways to leverage these L&D opportunities, by:


  • Redesigning personalized learning efforts to drive performance
  • Integrating initiatives and models that achieve business objectives
  • Leveraging real-world opportunities to support and guide employees with real-time learning
  • Investing in L&D strategies, models and tools to support the workforce of tomorrow
  • Measuring ROI and understanding the true impact of L&D results

Networking Break | One-on-One Meetings


Interactive Panel Discussion


L&D’s Impact on Defining, Rebuilding and Transforming Organizational Culture


From the frontlines to the boardroom, culture should be developed, understood and utilized as a foundation for all employees to draw from for inspiration and motivation to do a better job. To properly develop an
effective organizational culture and utilize it to inspire and motivate the workforce, it’s important to begin the evaluation with two critical questions: What are your organization’s core values; and, can your workforce identify and accurately explain what your company culture actually is? At the end of the day, Enterprise leaders want a global workforce that strives to enhance operations, cut back on waste, and achieve transformation.


Join our panelists in this thought-provoking session as we discuss:


  • The building blocks of creating a new organizational culture
  • How to create buy-in from the top
  • Ways to develop key initiatives that uncover your employees’ identity
  • The steps necessary to identify opportunities for making a culture shift

Networking Break | One-on-One Meetings


Keynote Presentation


The New Leadership Development Road Map: Transforming Employees to Become Influential Advocates for Innovation, Change, and Continuous Personal Development


As the war for talent continues, leadership development becomes even more crucial to growing your organization and retaining key talent. It is up to L&D leaders to cultivate future leaders and develop those
emerging leaders at the speed of business. There are two big challenges in doing this effectively: how can L&D leaders invest in individual needs that also contain a true business focus; and, how can learning leaders
deliver leadership development programs that tailor to the individual – yet scale across all levels of your workforce? Leadership development is too important to be left to chance, and it’s critical to develop a sustainable roadmap that effectively guides your development initiatives.


In this session we will discuss:


  • How to build a comprehensive leadership development roadmap that can be scaled
  • How to develop leadership capabilities at all levels in the organization while simultaneously enabling culture
  • Uncovering if your organization should be redefining leadership
  • Sparking investment in effective leadership development programs

Keynote Presentation


The Future LMS: Developing a Customized Learning Path to Engage Learners and Improve Performance


Engaged Learners expect organizational learning paths to evolve in order to provide innovative experiences for their personalized professional development. Many technologies will be leveraged to support ongoing
personal growth, and new hybrid approaches and blended models are to be expected by learners. Corporate leadership understands the expectations of future learners, but must also consider whether or not the
technological enhancements are providing true RIO. The big challenge is: how can L&D leaders integrate the LMS of the future and achieve buy-in from both learners and business leaders.


In this enlightening session we will hear how the LMS of the future utilizes:


  • Artificial Intelligence to make real-time changes to learning paths based on the learner’s understanding of the information
  • Engagement and experience to ensure learners have a positive experience and reach a stronger level of understanding
  • Multi-channel learning to better deliver information in “bite sized” pieces – including interactive content and gamification

Opal Group Off-Site Field Trip | TBD


Breakfast, Books, & Banter


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: Igniting Change: How the Modern eLearning Ecosystem is Transforming to Power Learners, Enhance Employee Experience, and Deliver Results


Keynote Session


Exceeding Employee Expectations by Transforming Employee Experience & Engagement


Many employees want an experience as much as a career, and it takes all levels of leadership from every department in the organization to contribute to an award-winning culture. To improve the employee experience, it’s important for L&D leaders to leverage new tools, new models and new ideas to engage employees and meet their expectations.


Join this informative session to hear how L&D is making an impact and leveraging new methodologies by:


  • Leading the charge in career pathing, employee development and employee satisfaction
  • Improving employee loyalty to develop more trust and higher satisfaction
  • Driving a culture of purpose
  • Making work meaningful and giving people a sense of belonging, trust, and relationship

Keynote Presentation


Microlearning: The Benefits of Bite-Sized Learning at the Moment of Need


Today’s global workforce requires meaningful learning experiences that are produced at the moment of need and in a manner that enhances employee performance without disrupting workflow. Additionally, employees want to apply the information that’s gathered through microlearning formats immediately on the job. Today’s learners want content that’s mobile, easily searchable and quickly digestible, so it’s critical to improve the learner experience by delivering digital microlearning when and where they need it, on any device.


Join this session to learn more about how to build an effective strategy that integrates with current platforms by:


  • Strategically integrating microlearning into existing models
  • Determining critical information and knowledge that is best delivered by this format
  • Tying microlearning to overall improvements in employee performance
  • Skilling up employees with an emphasis on task based learning
  • Providing on-demand support that is sensitive to users’ context

Interactive Workshops

Growing skills and talent shortages are forcing organizations to invest in employee development to motivate and inspire workers to become better employees. Traditional approaches are no longer unlocking employees’ full potential.


Join this session to hear how innovative professional coaching is improving performance and helping employees thrive in evolving environments by:


  • Building a self-confident workforce that performs under pressure while meeting organizational demands
  • Integrating “in the moment” coaching opportunities when employees face new challenges
  • Developing new creative processes that enhance decision-making skills

L&D leaders need to shift from creating learning courses to creating a learning experience. While you’re going to want to guide employees towards developing knowledge and skills for things that are relevant to your business, it’s also very important to give them scope within that to choose what they want to do.


In this engaging workshop we will discuss what the future of “learning experience” looks like, and how to best deliver those experiences by:


  • Developing a strategic approach to integrating video into workforce training
  • Creating an on-demand video library that is cost-effective
  • Finding events or courses that will allow your staff to get some hands-on experience and put some of what they’ve learned into practice.

Networking Break | One-on-One Meetings


Interactive Panel Discussion


Executive Level Development: L&D’s Expanding Role from Onboarding Outside Leaders to Developing Internal Stakeholders


L&D leaders are being forced to rethink and reinvent best practices to engage, develop and integrate executive level leaders internally – ones that should already embrace current culture, values and business objectives. Your leadership development executives shouldn’t have to onboard new leaders that haven’t already embraced the environment, culture, and leadership strategy of your organization. To do this effectively, L&D has to take a front row seat in preparing innovative leaders who are expected to run business and push growth beyond current boundaries.


Join our panelists as we discuss strategies for developing a successful leadership development program, such as:


  • Tailoring your short-term and long-term strategic goals to the unique leadership needs of your organization
  • Offering an opt-in Leadership Skills Assessment Test to help determine who may be an effective leader and good candidate for the program
  • Using a multiple method, blended learning system to accommodate candidates with different backgrounds and learning styles
  • Providing program participants with real-life

Interactive Workshops

A growing number of iconic organizations – Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Verizon – are investing in corporate tuition and reimbursement programs to reskill and retain employees that will drive business forward.


Join this workshop to discuss what business needs could be met through corporate education programs.


  • Hear how corporate tuition programs are implemented
    on a global scale
  • Understand what employees are demanding for
    personal development
  • Discuss how to align employee preferences with
    business needs to forecast future outcomes

Enterprise organizations need to remain competitive by ensuring leaders at all levels are skilled and prepared for future business needs. Traditional instructor-led models are transforming into customized, blended learning programs to create “ready now” leaders.


Join this workshop to discuss the barriers encountered when developing a leadership pipeline and how new blended learning programs can help organizations achieve results.


Topics to be discussed include:


  • Embedding learning into work environments
  • Creating personalized learning paths that increase
  • Developing self-directed learning programs to develop

Networking Luncheon


Interactive Panel Discussion


Looking at Change: Embracing New Technology Trends in Learning & Development


L&D technology is creating more dynamic learning opportunities than ever before and employees are looking for experiences that not only transform how they learn, but also align with their personal values. HR leaders need to embrace new trends in L&D to ensure that their strategy will create win-wins for the organization and the people in it.


Join our panelists in this interactive session to hear about new trends in L&D, such as:


  • Utilizing AI & chatbots to perform skills gap analyses and develop customized learning initiatives
  • Implementing mobile learning for more convenient learning engagement
  • Developing gamification programs to give learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-life situations
  • Initiating a hybrid learning program to allow participants to access learning in a variety of formats

Keynote Session


Innovating L&D Models through AI/Machine Learning to Optimize Performance


AI-powered technologies are making their way into your employees’ lives as the adoption of personal assistants like Alexa or Siri continue to grow. People are using AI and becoming familiar with its capabilities, including making even the simplest tasks, simpler. How can AI and machine learning do the same for L&D?


Join this enlightening session as explore how AI technologies are:


  • Delivering training in the flow of work by providing real-time support and guidance
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Enhancing employee user experience

Networking Break | One-on-One Meetings


Keynote Presentation


Developing Effective Learning Models and Discovering Best Practices for Integrating Diversity & Inclusion into New and Existing L&D Practices


One-off mandatory unconscious bias training has failed to increase diversity and inclusion or decrease bias in the workforce. As such, L&D executives need to go beyond one-off training and embed diversity and inclusion throughout the employee lifecycle. It’s critical for them to explore and examine current L&D programs by deep diving into corporate learning initiatives and modalities through the lens of diversity and inclusion.


Join us in this engaging session as we look at how to:


  • Ensure strategy is built with diversity & inclusion at the core
  • Explore how redesigning D&I strategy is becoming a key component to producing positive business impact
  • How to develop best-in-class strategies for implementing new programs

Interactive Panel Discussion


Driving Business Forward, Overcoming Adversity and Building Resiliency to Help Your Leaders Develop New Capabilities in a Rapidly Changing World


Leadership development in today’s complex and volatile world continues to be a top challenge for enterprise organizations. While even the largest companies are modernizing development programs for leaders at all
levels, it’s imperative that leaders take control of their own development, seek what inspires them and become passionate about continuous learning. Leaders need to become resilient in an unpredictable world
and organizations need to rethink the right ways to match unconventional learning approaches with new environments.


Join us in the panel discussion as we will hear how organizations are successfully:


  • Developing new leadership development experiences that ignite passion
  • Leveraging lessons learned from leaders of the past to inspire
  • Creating new, collaborative opportunities that inspire personal investment
  • Implementing new models and practices including neuroleadership, mindfulness and design thinking

One-on-One Meetings


Networking Cocktail Reception


Executive-led, interactive, challenge-based roundtable discussions. Please select one session.

A. Increasing Collaboration and Integration Between L&D and Diversity Leaders to Yield Results

B. Best Practices in Powering Remote Workers

C. The Role of Learning in Career Pathing

D. Compliance Training: How to Engage Learners and Increase Effectiveness


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: L&D’s New Role: Strategic Business Partner to the Entire Organization


Keynote Presentation


Transforming HR: How L&D Leaders Align Development Initiatives with HR and Organizational Strategy


Business decisions are no longer made without consulting key HR executives, and now, more than ever, learning leaders are involved in crafting the strategies needed to ready the workforce of the future. Hear how L&D leaders are empowered to become part of the strategic HR transition into truly transformational HR.


In this informative keynote we will hear about how to:


  • Discover ways HR can better know the business
  • AlignHR activities with organizational strategy
  • Become a true strategic business partner to the organization
  • Provide fast-paced innovation to support and drive the enterprise
  • Adapt and effectively deal with uncertainty
  • Create added value and reduce costs for every department

Keynote Presentation


Aligning L&D to Corporate Business Objectives to Become a Strategic Business Partner with Every Department in the Organization


Workplace learning and development continues to change and evolve, bringing along not just challenges and exciting opportunities but also the
need for L&D to constantly develop their skills to meet the demands of all departments in the organization. Any good business partner needs to
understand the business problems that each department is facing, before they even think about creating solutions to solve them. For L&D to be successful for all departments, it’s critical to understand and be able to develop the skills required to achieve corporate stakeholder engagement.


Join us in this thought-provoking session as we discuss strategies for L&D to become true business partners for the entire organization by:


  • Developing stakeholder engagement skills so key department leaders can keep you informed of the results they need to see in order to achieve their objectives
  • Being at the forefront and fully involved in the design and delivery of L&D initiatives for each department
  • Supporting workforce performance outside of the HR Department to monitor the viability and success of cross-department L&D initiatives
  • Developing a complete understanding of the corporate brand to determine how to effectively promote the company learning programs

Networking Break | One-on-One Meetings


Interactive Panel Discussion


The Future of Work: Utilizing L&D to Re-Skill Your Entire Organization and Satisfy Future Needs


Every organization is in the middle of a talent war as they try to prepare their workforce of the future. The importance of L&D in the next few years is growing very rapidly due to the strong economy, the turnover of generations in the workforce, and a more fluid approach to work and talent. All of these factors mean that it’s hard to recruit people and hard to hold onto them, and that’s why investing in L&D can be so advantageous for every department in the organization. It’s critical for companies to utilize R&D throughout the organization, because it allows you to reskill and upskill the talent you already have.


In this closing panel discussion we’ll talk about the future of work and how L&D can become a true business partner by:


  • Transitioning workers into new roles with training and upskilling, in order to save on recruiting costs
  • Defining a vision for the L&D function and how it will support all of the separate departments in the business
  • Aligning L&D to the business strategy to effectively enable organizational goals
  • Connecting with key department stakeholders to incorporate their feedback into the L&D strategy
  • Creating an L&D road map of recommended training programs that will support the business in achieving its goals and priorities

End of Summit


Post-Event Workshop

The Statler Dallas
1914 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75201

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More networking, greater interactions, bigger ROI:

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is standing out from the crowd. Your company has the perfect solution to your customer’s problem but how do you grab their attention?

The Learning & Development Executive Summit Fall provides a specialized, strategically-built experience for cutting-edge solution providers to engage, interact, and build relationships with pre-qualified C-Suite Executives and Senior Decision Makers from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations who are actively looking for new business partners.

Solution providers are developing new business relationships through unparalleled speaking sessions, bespoke networking events, and custom face-to-face business meetings.

  • Creating new L&D models for an evolving global workforce
  • Identifying key organizational capabilities to drive growth and innovation
  • Identifying and developing future leaders internally
  • Leveraging L&D to improve onboarding, retention and performance
  • Reinventing continuous learning strategies to engage Millennials
  • Aligning L&D strategies with business objectives
  • Leveraging learning measurement and analytics
  • Integrating informal learning approaches
  • Designing programs for a multigenerational workforce
  • Utilizing technology tools to develop skills for future business needs
  • Prescheduled One-to-One Meetings:
    Each participating solution provider and attendees will have pre-summit access to our matching software that allows you to completely customize your meeting agenda. The password-protected website provides the information needed to make your selections on who you want to meet with.

  • Exceptional Networking Opportunities:
    We strive to maximize your face-to-face time by providing a multitude of avenues to engage the senior executives in attendance. The agenda incorporates an off-site networking activity, networking luncheons and cocktail reception. Leverage the meeting’s intimate atmosphere to build strong personal relationships with current and future clients.

The Leadership & Development Executive Summit Fall is an invitation-only, exclusive event for heads of learning, development, leadership development, talent management and organizational effectiveness from Fortune 1000 and leading enterprise organizations.


Chief Learning Officers (CLOs)
Chief Talent Officers (CTOs)
SVP/VP/Head of Learning & Development
SVP/VP/Head of Talent Management
SVP/VP/Head of Leadership Development
SVP/VP/Head of Human Resources


To request your invitation today, please contact Katherine Ilagan at 212-532-9898 ext 233 or email info@opalgroup.net.

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      This experience was amazing. It was personal, conversational and relational. It expanded my knowledge and more importantly, my network. Laura Vostad

      POET, Dir. L&D

      What I enjoyed most was that the number of attendees was big enough to provide me a wealth of information, but small enough to allow me to network with almost everyone at the conference. I walked away with pages of notes, many new contacts and met some great vendors that we will likely do business with in the future. Shelby Pyatt

      Rayonier, VP, HR & IT

      By far, this was the most engaging, value added convening of leaders. It was the right mix of experience, learning, and networking. I absolutely enjoyed the Disney Tour and the book exchange was brilliant. The roundtables were also an added bonus. Sharahn Monk

      Worldpay, US Market Leader, Learning and Development

      Great event, very well organized with relevant speakers and potential business partners. I would recommend to anyone. Shawn Dingle

      Sonic Automotive, Senior Training Director

      OPAL is first class. It was the best Conference that I ever attended from the standpoint of speaker quality, organization, and venue. They really seem to care! John Barbieri

      Sompo International, VP, Human Resources

      I thought the whole conference was so well run and that the OPAL team did an amazing job. I would definitely love to attend another event! Tennille Boyer

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