Real Estate Investment Summit 2017

Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton, FL
April 25, 2017 - April 27, 2017

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Network with the industry’s leading experts as they analyze the opportunities and challenges in the real estate market! Our 2016 event was a great success, with some of the top industry leaders in attendance. Opal Group’s 2017 Real Estate Investors Conference will focus on the latest developments in the marketplace. It will analyze the opportunities and challenges in the real estate market; examine best practices and explore new deal making strategies.

Opal Group’s annual Real Estate Investors Summit promises to be 2017’s leading conference and exposition for real estate professionals, hedge fund managers, private investors, family offices, pension funds and other institutional investors. It will provide various networking opportunities along with an educational platform.

The event will kick off with a large networking function at the U.S. Open Polo Championship.

113th U.S. Open
International Polo Club Palm Beach

Come and enjoy the U.S. Open Polo Championship, considered to be the most prestigious polo tournament in the world, fabulous cuisine entertainment, fashion, and world-class celebrities featured at International Polo Club Palm Beach. Its is the exciting culmination of the 16-week, high-goal winter polo season that attracts polo enthusiasts from over 20 countries and 49 states.

This conference will exclusively feature dialogue driven panel discussions led by consultants and family offices. Power Point presentations are prohibited during the sessions but may be made available on our mobile app. Please send in PDF or PowerPoint format if you would like to have presentation included on App. *Only Standalone Speakers will be allowed to use PowerPoints, but cannot pitch products or advertise anything with their firms.*

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Chairman’s Welcoming Remarks

Ricky Novak, General Counsel; Real Estate & Tax Advisor, The Strategic Group of Companies


State of the Economy: Market Update and Forecast

  • Taking the Pulse of Today’s Economy and Looking Ahead into 2018
  • Increased Fed Interest Rate: How will this affect projects in the long term? Short term?
  • What are the Fed’s priorities under a Trump administration? How will this impact the real estate sector? How has your business been impacted so far? How will immigration and labor be impacted?
  • How do we invest in a changing landscape? What sort of long term thinking needs to be employed?
  • What are the real estate trends that investors need to be aware of? Are Wall Street and Main Street still out of tune? Has the GICs expansion helped flows into real estate?
  • One year after Brexit—how are international economies influencing the US real estate market?
  • What is the black swan on the horizon?
  • Assault on the post-crash regulatory state-What will be the impact on real estate?
  • Is there more debt out there?
  • Comparisons with Previous Cycles

Jack McCabe, CEO, McCabe Research & Consulting


Ezra Katz, Chairman & CEO, Aztec Group, Inc. & Founder, Mayan Properties, LLC


Ralph Vince, President & CEO, Vince Blue Chip Prime Fund


Art Cooper, COO, Cooper Family Office (SFO)


Gregory Brothers, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, South Texas College of Law Houston


The Silver Tsunami … Timing The Wave

Robb Chapin, Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Investment Group LLC (“Bridge”)


Lessons from the Trenches

Gerald Guterman, Founder, Guterman Partners LLC

5:45pm - 6:45pm

Networking Cocktail Reception


Exhibit Hall Open


Registration Opens


Continental Breakfast



Opening Remarks


Investing In Single & Multi-Family Real Estate

  • Taking a deep dive into the various opportunities and permutations that Multi-Family housing has to offer.
  • Understanding the different target audiences. How demographics impacts projects. How the needs and demands of local communities drive projects. Building to suit different demands—can demands be anticipated and created?
  • What are the trends in multi-family? How much is that driven by generational shifts and economic realities? Is everything driven by Boomers and Millennials? Are Multi-Family developments purely driven by existing demand and demographics—or can projects be forward looking?
  • Where is the market hot for multi-families? What is the inventory like? Can multi-families created better price equality? Where is the market sagging? Are multi-families setting themselves up for failure or for permanence?

John Agenbroad, Chairman, Inter-Local Pension Fund


Stacey Alcorn, CEO, Laer Realty Partners


Lew Goodkin, President, Goodkin Consulting Group


Andrew Miller, Principal, Novel Property Ventures


Investment Styles and Strategies for your Real Estate Portfolio

  • Evaluating real estate as an investment opportunity. Why real estate? How has the real estate landscape changed over the past 5 years?
  • How to balance your real estate portfolio. Is there a golden ratio? Core v niche/building a model. Concentrated v diverse. Opportunistic investing—pitfalls and profits.
  • How to tweak your established portfolio. Being responsive to market trends. Acting on limited time horizons.
  • Top investment opportunities/hot sectors
  • Co Investment requirements and structure

Robert Grden, Executive Director, Wayne County Employees' Retirement System


Rob Woomer, Principal & Executive Vice President, Peachtree Hotel Group


Ben Gerig, CIO, Northlight Capital Partners, LLC


Jose Goldner, Partner, Briggs Capital


David Goldwasser, Principal, FIA Capital Partners, LLC


Networking Refreshment Break

Sponsored by:

Peachtree Hotel Group


Gaining Access to and Evaluating Financing and Capital Sources

  • How can a manager find funding for their projects? Best sources of capital? What sort of incentives do you need to offer investors?
  • Successful Marketing Strategies: How can you articulate the opportunity? How do you cut through the noise and clutter of competition?
  • Getting Family Offices Involved—is it easy, or difficult? What do family offices want?
  • How do you structure your funding deals?
  • Debt vs. Equity: Perks, kickers and sweeteners. Which alternative sources of funding do you prefer?
  • Examining Deal Terms of Different Lenders
  • Leverage on Income Producing Assets
  • Israeli Bonds…Too expensive?
  • Crowdfunding Update…Has its time arrived?
  • Private vs. Traditional Lender
  • Evaluating Ground Leases Emergence
  • Short vs. Long-Term Deals
  • Senior vs. Mezz vs. Bridge Structures
  • Construction vs. Upgrading vs. Acquisition Loans

David Eyzenberg, Founder & Managing Partner, Eyzenberg & Company


Alfred C. Trivilino, Senior Vice President, Related Fund Management


Tomer Eblagon, Managing Director, Rosario Capital


David Swentor, President of Real Estate, globalX


Tim Brennan, Business Development, The Phillips Family Office & VP Fund Management, PECO Real Estate Partners


The Latest Regulatory & Tax issues

  • How might the current administration impact real estate?
  • Keeping up-to-date with cross border regulatory reform and international investor issues
  • Are tax incentives going away?
  • Registering with the SEC and the compliance infrastructure necessary
  • What tax issues are impacting real estate investing and development today through the eyes of the family office?
  • What 1031 strategies should you be considering?

Ricky Novak, General Counsel; Real Estate & Tax Advisor, The Strategic Group of Companies


Bill Briggs, CPA, Partner, Citrin Cooperman


Timothy Pollock, Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP


Trace McCreary, President, Varden Capital Properties

Todd Walter, Managing Director, RockBridge Capital




Private Equity in Real Estate Opportunities

  • Secondaries Volume Update
  • Bridge/Mezz Deal Structures
  • Timing challenges
  • Dispositions – What is selling?
  • Portfolio vs. Entity Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Intra-Fund Family Sales
  • Payment Waterfalls Upon Exit
  • Rolling your Customer Base into the Next Fund
  • The IPO Market for Fund Managers and Funds

David Dlugolenski, Director - Private Equity, The Strategic Group of Companies (MFO)


Ronald C Muzii Jr., Managing Director, Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC


Melissa Rose, Managing Director, Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group LLC


Clifford Mendelson, Managing Partner, Metropolis Capital Finance / The GoldStar Group (SFO)


Deal Making & Structuring of Deal Flow

  • Gaining access to deal flow. How do you find your leads? Do you seek out leads or do you let them come to you? How do you rate for quality?
  • Handling inflow—how do you filter? How do you say no thanks?
  • Establishing Investment Criteria—do you have a formal model or is it a case by case model? What is the process? What is your buy or deny criteria?
  • How are Managers Using Structure to Effectively Attract Capital
  • Interval Funds
  • Hybrid Discretion
  • Internal Partnership Structures
  • Applying Open-Ended Liquidity Principals to Closed-End Funds
  • Seed Funds and their Structure
  • Evaluating the Current Market for Carry Structures
  • Sweetening the deal for early investors

DJ Van Keuren, Director – Family Office Capital, Hayman Family Office (SFO)


Jon Haahr, Founder & Senior Managing Principal, Silver Portal Capital, LLC


Bryan Mick, President, Mick|Law P.C. LLO


Ethan Penner, Founder & Managing Partner, Mosaic Real Estate Investors, LLC


John R Benitez, J.D., Founder, Benitez Investments, LLC


Growth, Challenges and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate: Office, Retail, Industrial

  • Commercial outlook: As the economy continues to improve, consumer-spending trends have been strong, and jobs numbers have been strong—how will that translate into the commercial real estate market?
  • What are the emerging and established trends?
  • Wither retail—or is Amazon unstoppable? Dining—is fast casual king?
  • Where are the opportunities? Medical facilities? Suburban offices? Renovated downtowns?
  • Are all challenges macro driven or are there more specific considerations to consider? Is commercial captive to broader trends? How can commercial developers protect against these broad trends?
  • Alternative Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate
  • How are you Taking Troubled Properties and Transforming them to Profitable Opportunistic Success Stories?

Dean Crombie, Trustee, New Hampshire Municipal Retirement System


Mukang Cho, Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Morning Calm Management


Howard Stern, Principal and Founder, Stern & Associates LLC


Russell Deakin, Managing Partner, Director of Investments, Aceana Group


GP/LP Co-Investment Funds

  • How are you capitalizing your co-investment funds?
  • Point of Negotiation
  • How do you approach fund LPs regarding co-investments? Do you look for co-investment partners or do they look for you?
  • Have you been involved in more co-investment deals lately?
  • Defining exactly what is meant by priority co-investment rights
  • Liquidity and Exit Options
  • Discretion and Alignment
  • Comparing vs. Separate Accounts

Robert E. Lee, MBA, CCIM, Advisory Board Member, Harlow Family Office - SIG Equity Partners


Jeff Tegethoff, President, Pearl Real Estate Companies


Katherine Zamsky, Managing Director, Besyata Investment Group (SFO)


James R. Solomon, Principal and Chief Investment Officer, Ravinia Capital Group (SFO)


Asset Allocation: Finding a Unified Model for Family Offices

Unlike institutional portfolios, there appears to be little uniformity within the family office space. In this panel, we explore whether or not that is a positive thing and what steps would need to be taken to create a more standardized model.

  • Why would a family office want to follow an established asset allocation model? What are the pros and cons? Much of the family office space is driven by the character of the founders—would some of this x-factor ineffability be lost in a more homogenized model?
  • What would be the best model? Is the Swenson Model the most applicable? Or should FO’s be more like VC incubators?
  • How would a uniform allocation model affect the real estate sector?

Howard Cooper, CEO, Cooper Family Office (SFO)


David Robb, Managing Director, Frontier Group (SFO)


Thomas J. Haug, Founder & Managing Member, Aspen Tree, LLC


Brian DeLucia, Managing Partner, Arrivato LLC (SFO)

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Networking Cocktail Reception


Private Closed Door Roundtables: FOR INVESTORS ONLY


Barry Gurland, Principal, DB Family Offices Services LLC (MFO)


Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by:

TerraCap Management, LLC


Opening Remarks


Convergence of Investment Styles in an Evolving Market Place

Steven Hagenbuckle, Founder, Managing Partner, TerraCap Management, LLC

Kevin Bergman, Managing Member, Olympus Ventures, LLC (SFO)


The Do’s and Don’ts of Student Housing

Patrick Nelson, Principal, Nelson Brothers


New Funds & Emerging Managers

  • Defining emerging manager and how to graduate to the next level
  • Taking advantage of your experience
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance considerations
  • Governance, transparency & fees
  • Accounting & reporting
  • Back office options
  • Bringing to the market
  • Reporting
  • Risk management issues
  • Seed funds
  • Consultant/LP relationship

Abigail Laufer, CIO, Ferguson Family Office (SFO)


Brad Gates, President/COO, Veritas Family Partners (SFO)


David Goldwasser, Principal, FIA Capital Partners, LLC


Thomas McDevitt, Founder and Managing Partner, Edgewood Capital


Michael Dombai, Director, Cortland Capital Market Services


Technology and Online Real Estate Game

  • How has the world of online real estate investing changed in the last few years and what direction is heading in? Are IPOs to be expected?
  • What is the growth trajectory for online platforms as a whole? How will crowdfunding change and develop? As rates rise—what sort of yields will on-line platforms need to offer? Will the GICS expansion impact this space too?
  • How will the sectors growth impact the end beneficiaries? Will projects get more ambitious? Will they become more powerful?
  • What is the continued role of family offices in this space? Will they get crowded out as institutions become more interested?

S. Michael Sury, Chairman, INDORUS Holdings LLP (SFO)


Jean-Louis Guinchard, Senior Managing Principal, Silver Portal Capital LLC


Elizabeth Braman,


Investing in the Cannabis Industry: The New Alternative Real Estate Play

  • Private vs. Public?
  • Ancillary non-regulated businesses vs. Regulated “touching the plant” business investments?
  • Importance for cannabis to be part of your investment portfolio
  • What are additional diligence items and risks important for investing in this business category?
  • Should I invest in a fund or into specific companies as a direct investment?
  • What are the ranges of opportunities both domestically and internationally?

Andrew Hodges, Managing Member, Value Investment Professionals (MFO)


Scott Greiper, President, Viridian Capital Advisors


Stephen Braun, Senior Vice President, J.I. Kislak Inc. (SFO)


Chris Leavy, Co-Chairman, MedMen


Bill Brothers, President, Arizona Facilities Supply


Adaptive Reuse in Real Estate: How Art Can Change a Community


David Lombardi, Broker/Principal, Lombardi Properties

Interviewed by

James L. Fried, President, Sandstone Realty Advisers


LP / Investor Wrap Up

  • What are your bogeys? Have you been hitting them? Have you changed them recently? How has the real estate side performed?
  • Are you more interested in multi-asset or single-asset funds?
  • Are you over- or under-allocated to real estate? Are you staying that way?
  • Are you looking towards non-US real estate investments

Guy Pinkman, Trustee, City of Lincoln Police and Fire Pension


Piyush Bhardwaj, Managing Partner, CoInvestment Partners (SFO)


Sidney Wigfall, Managing Director/ Consultant-Counsel, SCA Compliance & Consulting Group


Henry Wilson, Trustee, Wayne County Employees' Retirement System


Conference Concludes

Boca Raton Resort & Club
Boca Raton Resort & Club, East Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL, United States

Room Rate $329
*Prices exclude taxes. Rates are exclusive of 13% tax and a one time $8 porterage fee.
  • Rooms are available only to those participants who are registered conference attendees.
  • The name on the form will be the name of the guest room.
  • Rooms are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Room types/rates are subject to availability.
  • Rooms will not be guaranteed without a credit card.

Registration Pricing

Standard Rate
Asset Managers $2,495
Service Providers $2,895
Institutional End-Investors*** Complimentary*

Asset Managers include all types of Fund managers

*** These include: organizations that are solely investing on their own behalf in alternatives and do not sell any alternative investment products or services to clients including; sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, private clients and treasury.

*All complimentary passes are subject to Opal Group's final approval. Eligibility will be verified. Complimentary passes are available for qualified family offices & other institutional investors such as pensions, foundations and endowments. Those providing any service to the real estate community including providing financing, brokerage, advisory, insurance, custody and administration, accounting, legal and other professional services are among those not eligible for the complimentary rate.

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  • Market Update and Forecast
  • Financing and Capital Sources
  • New Investment Strategies
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Opportunistic Deals & Emerging Funds
  • Deal Structuring
  • Opportunities in Distressed Assets
  • Tax Efficient Investing
  • Single Family Residential
  • Multifamily Investing
  • Crowd Funding
  • Real Assets
  • Retail & Net Lease
  • Co-Investing with Family Offices Alternative Investments
  • Institutional Investors
  • Pensions
  • Taft Hartley
  • Family Offices
  • Endowments
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Hedge Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Real Estate Managers
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Fund Managers
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Equity
  • Insurance Companies
  • Industry Service Providers

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