Transforming Organizational Content to Learning Experiences Rapidly – Keeping Up with the Velocity

Webinar @ 2pm EST
October 28, 2020

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Transforming Organizational Content to Learning Experiences Rapidly - Keeping Up with the Velocity


Content is changing at a rapid pace today. Organizations are producing content at lightning speed, especially with this whole remote working shift that came in due to COVID (and is likely to continue even beyond the pandemic). With the kind of digital footprints that are traced - every remote meeting is captured, webinars are recorded, social conversations are tracked - there is content stemming out of literally every single discussion that takes place.

As an L&D leader, do you realize that a lot of this content can be used to create compelling learning experiences? Designing these learning experiences doesn’t need to go through complex processes and development schedules. These experiences, if enabled in the flow of work, can motivate employees to learn something new, perform better, and up-skill themselves.

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As enterprises skill, upskill, and reskill their employees to meet the demands of modern-day workplace, they are increasingly looking forward to develop a robust learning and talent development ecosystem.

Harbinger Group is a global provider of software product engineering and custom digital learning services since 1990. We design and develop digital learning solutions that integrate with your human capital management initiatives, enhance workforce performance, and are essentially guided by your business drivers. From technology perspective, we offer custom software development, application integration, modernization, UI/UX design, and other services in learning and HCM domain – all integrated with your software ecosystem and to meet your business goals.

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2:00pm EST

Vikas Joshi, CEO, Harbinger Group
Vikas Joshi is a business leader who is passionate about product development and technology entrepreneurship. His mission is to help create software products that make a difference. A key part of that mission is to inspire tech professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and develop. Vikas leads Harbinger Group, a reputed software company with a global customer base. Harbinger Group helps tech companies in building enterprise software products. For e-learning users, the firm markets its own innovative products and provides custom content solutions.
Vikas holds two US patents for his inventions at Harbinger in interactive learning technology. As writer, speaker, and educator, Vikas shares his passion for tech entrepreneurship with others. Vikas is a Harvard Business School alum and also holds a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Transforming Organizational Content to Learning Experiences Rapidly - Keeping Up with the Velocity
Thursday, October 15, 2020
2pm EST

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  • Sourcing tax liens and performing pre-acquisition due diligence.

  • Best practices for servicing tax lien portfolios.

  • Exiting tax lien portfolios via foreclosure and workouts.

  • Opportunistic value add and other return-enhancing strategies.

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