Read frequently asked questions about Opal Group conferences, sponsorship opportunities, event registrations, partnerships, and more.

How do I become a sponsor?

We offer several sponsorship options, ranging from exhibitor to platinum packages. Inquiries can be made under the Sponsorship link at our homepage, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 281.

How do I register for an event?

You can register directly by filling out the online attendee registration form for the appropriate conference, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 281

How do I get discounts on travel and hotel reservations?

Each Opal event homepage contains hotel and travel information, through which discounts can be obtained for conference attendees. Opal Group has reduced rate room blocks available for conference participants.

How do I sign up for conference networking activities?

You can submit your interest for any Opal conference networking activity by calling 212.532.9898 x 228.

As a sponsor, how can I submit marketing materials?

Marketing materials can be submitted by calling 212.532.9898 x 191.

How can I receive information regarding general inquiries?

For general inquiries, call 212.532.9898 x 281.

How do I get more information on becoming a media sponsor?

You can contact the marketing department directly via email at marketing@opalgroup.net, or by calling 212.532.9898 x 281.